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b.1843-d.1908 Emma’s birth in Dedham, Essex Emma Howard nee Joslin was baptised on 18th December 1843 at St Mary’s Church, Dedham in Essex, a village about 8 miles north-east of Colchester. She was the daughter of Daniel Joslin or Jossleyn (1801-1861) and his wife Eliza nee Clark (1811-1889). Her birth was registered in the Lexden… read more »

JOHNSON, William Arthur

b.1867(?)-d.1910 William – a difficult subject to trace William has proved difficult to trace and, after twenty hits on a potential birth certificate, it has narrowed down to one possible case of a William Arthur Johnson born in Newington, London in the January to March quarter in 1867. So, my review has focused around this… read more »

HAMILTON, Charles Frederick

b.1891-d.1915 1890s – Charles’s early life in Bermondsey The 1891 Census tell us that Charles Frederick Hamilton was born in 1891 to Arthur Ainslie Hamilton, aged 26, born in Brighton, and Ada J Rodgers 25, born in Woolwich, a working-class couple in the bustling district of Southwark, London.  Southwark had always held a strong working-class population due to the… read more »

WALLER (WALL), John William

b.1866-d.1910 John’s burial record incorrectly records his surname as Waller but there is no corresponding death certificate under that surname. There is however a Death Certificate for a John William Wall and a corresponding Lunatic Register entry. The death certificate confirms that it is in fact John William Wall and not Waller. Early Days John’s… read more »

SPRING, Elizabeth

b.1855-d.1917 Elizabeth’s parents Born in the 4th quarter of 1855, Elizabeth Spring was the eldest child of John William Spring and his first wife, Margaret (née Brick). Both parents were born in London, John in Saffron Hill in 1829 and Margaret in St James’s in 1832. Margaret’s parents were both from Ireland.  In his ‘Handbook… read more »

MORGAN, Alfred

b.1881-1915 1880s – Alfred’s birth in the East End and his father’s work. In May of 1881, the walls of 5 Buttesland Street in Hoxton, London resounded to the cries of a baby, Alfred Samuel Morgan. Alfred was born the sixth of seven children to Henry and Emma Morgan, a working-class family with a sizable… read more »

ABER, James William

b.1886-d.1915 James’s birth and early life – a taste of the tragedies ahead James William Aber was born on the 27th of September 1886 in Camberwell, London to Henry and Sarah (née Jennings). They were a young south London couple who had only moved a few miles since they themselves had been born.  James was… read more »

ROLFE, Thomas Philip

b.1851 – d.1910 Thomas’s parents and siblings Although he appears in Long Grove records as Thomas Philip Rolfe, our subject was actually registered at birth as Philip Thomas Rolfe. He was born in Bermondsey on the 9th of May 1851 to Philip Rolfe and Eliza Bellis. Eliza called herself Rolfe in the 1841, 1851 and… read more »

SOAR, Mary Ann

b.1861-d.1907 Mary Ann Soar was born in the 1st quarter of 1861 to Josiah Paul Soar and his wife Maria (née Torond). Josiah, born in Deptford, Kent, in 1820 was the son of William and Mary Soar (née Atkins). Like his father, Josiah was a plumber and glazier.  Maria was born in Shoreditch, Hackney in… read more »


b.1866- d.1910 Sophia’s parents and siblings Sophia Jobling was born Sophy Ann Buttery in the 2nd quarter of 1866 to John Thomas Buttery and his wife Mary Ann (née Denton). Although born in Plumstead, her birth was registered in Lewisham. Mary Ann was also born in Plumstead in 1826, the daughter of John and Ann… read more »

CAMPBELL, Emily Elizabeth

b.1871-d.1953 Pauline Powell, Emily’s great niece, researched, wrote and supplied the trace material for the story and from whom we have permission to publish the story. Emily Elizabeth Campbell was my great aunt, my Grandmother’s elder sister, born on 13th December 1871 in Buckingham, Buckinghamshire. She was the daughter of Henry John and Fanny Campbell,… read more »

LEWIS, Francis

b.1866-1908 Francis was born in the March quarter of 1866, in St. George in the East registration district, London. His parents were Jacob Lewis (Lowies/Lowres?) born about 1830 and Anita née Van Win, born about 1832. Both parents were from Belgium. Jacob was a cigar maker. There is a tree on Ancestry (not verified) which… read more »


b.1860-d.1918 According to the 1891, 1901 and 1911 censuses Marie was born in France. I have not been able to confirm this. On each of these censuses Marie is described as a widow and a dressmaker. In 1891 Marie was lodging with the Brittain family at 83, Chester Terrace, St George’s Hanover Square parish. William… read more »

SPURRETT, Thomas Richard

b.1851-d.1908 Thomas Richard Spurret was born in the December quarter of 1851 to Richard (1829 – 1893) and Emma CRIPPS (1833-1887). They had married in 1851 at Witney, Oxfordshire. Thomas was baptised on November 23rd 1851. Thomas was the eldest of eleven children. His father Richard was an agricultural labourer, so work and life must… read more »


b.1891-d.1911 Alfred Skinner was just 19 years old when he was admitted to Long Grove Hospital. He was in the minority being a young man, as most of the patients were older than him. How did he find himself there? There are only a few records surviving for him but we can trace his family… read more »

HYATT, George

b.1878-d.1919 George Hyatt’s birth was registered in the March quarter of 1878, (reference Hendon 3a 141). Hendon Registration District covered Willesden. George was baptised on 6 February 1878 at St. Augustine’s Church, Kilburn. His parents were John, a bricklayer, and Emma. They lived at 121, Pembroke Road. Their name was mis-transcribed as ‘Hiett’. In the… read more »


b.1860 -d.1910 I nearly did not find Martha Coltman as her age was incorrect but this, I later found, was a mistake made when she was institutionalised. There were no obvious workhouse records although I did find Lunacy Register entries. She could not be found in any census and although Coltman is not a common… read more »

CARTER, George James (James George)

b.1863-d.1916 James George’s parents Although our subject’s name is given as George James Carter in his medical records, he was actually born James George Carter, the third child of seven born to George Carter and his wife Mary (née Gould). The couple were married in the Church of St Thomas the Apostle in the City… read more »

MASON, Benjamin Albert

b.1874-d.1918 Benjamin was born on 9 April 1874 in Bethnal Green. His parents were George Mason and Elizabeth (née McTaggart). They were married on 30 June 1867 at St. James Church Bermondsey. He was a butcher living at 45 Ernest Road, Bermondsey. They were both of “full age” i.e. over 21. In the 1871 Census, at 416… read more »

KING, Ellen Mary

b. 1872-d.1910 Despite extensive searches I have not been able to trace Ellen’s background. There have been a number of leads but they led to dead ends and show who she is not rather than who she might be. However, what has been uncovered is a record of her life in various asylums which was… read more »

COLSON, Mary Ann

b.1848-d.1907 Birth Not much is known about Mary Ann’s early life, we assume she was born in about 1848, based on the information provided on her death record, case notes from The Manor Hospital and the two likely census records for her.  The case notes also state that she was married to a Richard Colson,… read more »


b.1877-d.1918 John Drinkwater – His Story John Drinkwater was really called Alexander John Sullivan. On 22 October 1906, John Alexander Sullivan, a dealer born in London in 1879, was found guilty of robbery with violence. He was sentenced to 5 years in Parkhurst Prison. He had  robbed a soldier of the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery… read more »


b.1863-d.1910 No definite trace of Jane’s life prior to the 1901 census can be found at present despite extensive searches. We have only an intimation of her marital status and that she was born in London. None of this may be true which hinders finding her background. The Lambeth Register of Lunatics does tell us… read more »

TARR, Samuel Peter

b.1862-d.1917 From early adulthood mental illness overshadowed Samuel Peter Tarr’s life. He would spend more than thirty years in mental health institutions and die in Long Grove at the age of 56. Samuel’s parents Samuel’s parents were both born in 1835 in Chagford, a village on the north-east edge of Dartmoor in Devon. His mother,… read more »

SHORTLAND, Edward James

b.1853-d.1908 Edward was born on 15th March 1853 in Whitechapel and baptised on 10th April at St Botolph Without, in Aldgate. His parents were Edward Shortland and Maria née Jones. They had married in October 1852 at St Leonards Church in Shoreditch. Edward’s occupation at that time was a poulterer. Edward James was the eldest… read more »

JAMES, Susan

b. 1865-d.1908 Born in the June quarter of 1865, in the Greenwich registration district, to John Street and his wife Margaret née Bower. They had married in June 1846 in Quebec, whilst John was serving in the military. Susan was the last of nine children – most of whom survived until adulthood. The first seven… read more »

BLEWITT, Emily Florence

b.1859-d.1917 The 1860s -Emily’s parents Emily Florence Blewitt was born on the 4th of July 1859 to Charles James Blewitt, a wine merchant, and his wife Ann (née Allum). At the time of her birth, the couple were living at 4, Sidney Place, Brixton Hill, which was also the address of Charles’s wine business. The… read more »

AUSTIN, Percy John

b.1870-d.1919 He was born in the March quarter of 1870, in Bridgend, Wales (reference 11a 483). In the 1871 Census, at an unnumbered house in Church Street, Midhurst Sussex present were William A. Austin, head aged 64. He was a schoolmaster born Carshalton, Surrey. His wife, Eliza, aged 69 was a school mistress born Chatham,… read more »

TURNER, Elizabeth

b. ~1866 – d.1910 Elizabeth TURNER is another common name to research. There are quite a few people in the workhouses and asylums with this name so we need to be careful with our research. What we do have is that Elizabeth died at Long Grove asylum hospital and was buried on 25th January 1910… read more »

POSFORD, Emily Caroline

b.1861 – d.1910 Emma’s parents The Long Grove records show that a woman known as Emily Caroline Posford was admitted to the institution in June 1909, who sadly died there less than a year later. However, it has not been possible to establish the details of her earlier life with any certainty, despite considerable research. … read more »

BELL, James Kennedy

b.1862 – d.1918 Introduction Although we know from Long Grove’s records that James Kennedy Bell died there in 1918, it has not been possible to find his name in the admissions register, so we do not know how long he was resident in the institution before his death. Neither do we know the reason for… read more »

BOULTON, Alfred William

b.1860 – d.1910 Alfred William Boulton was born in Lambeth on the 18th of June 1860, the first child of William Boulton and his wife Elizabeth Ann (née Ennor). The couple had married at the Church of St Mary Magdalene in Bermondsey on the 5th of September 1859. According to the marriage register, 22 year-old… read more »

SMITH, Emily Clara

b.1879 – d.1917 This lady seems to have spent much of her life needing support. 1870s Emily was born on 6th August 1879 in Bethnal Green, to William James Smith, a brass finisher, and Fanny Adelaide Smith, nee Horsey, of 41 Monteath Road. They had married in 1871 in Hackney. Emily was baptised at St… read more »

HORWOOD, William Henry

b.1872-d.1915 William Henry Horwood was buried in Horton Cemetery on 20th April 1915. Workhouse records document his admission to Mile End Workhouse, Bancroft Road, Bethnal Green on 23rd March 1912 and his discharge to Long Grove Asylum on 29th March. His age was recorded as 40, his occupation as ‘Cabinetmaker’ and his religion as ‘CofE’…. read more »

TREVAIL, Gertrude

b.1845 – d.1910 Childhood Gertrude Augusta Shepherd was born in the June quarter of 1845, in the south Devon village of Colaton Raleigh. Her unmarried mother, Eliza Shepherd, worked as a Honiton lace maker. At six years old, Gertrude is in the 1851 census living with her maternal aunt and uncle, Benedict and Matilda Toby… read more »

SYMES, David

b.1865-d.1908 There is a birth for David B. Symes in the September quarter in 1866, in Greenwich, with a mother who had the surname of Lawrence. I have not found a baptism record. His mother’s marriage to a David B. Symes senior had taken place at St Martin in the Fields, in December 1865. On… read more »

WHITROD, Elizabeth

b.1857 – d.1918 Elizabeth was born in the March quarter of 1857 to William and Mary Vaughan (née Bratton/Brattan), in Wrotham, Kent. (Malling registration district). William and Mary had married on 24th February 1846, at the Parish Church of St Marylebone. William’s father was John, a Gardener and Mary’s father was George, a labourer. On… read more »

ORAM, Mary Ann

b.1849-d.1910 Mary Ann Swain was born in the City of London on 18th July 1849 and baptised at St Martin in the Fields, Westminster on 2nd September 1849. Her father, Thomas Randall Swain, was a marble paper maker, a skilled craftsman, who was given Freedom to the City of London in 1856. His family appear… read more »

GOODING, Sarah Ann

b.1841-d.1908 Sarah’s birth was in Tweedmouth in 1841 Sarah was the daughter of Mary (nee Paxton) and James Unthank, a tailor, of Tweedmouth, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland. The Rev. William Ritchie of the United Presbyterian Chapel, Berwick-upon-Tweed baptised her and recorded her date of birth in the register as 4th December 1841. She shared her name with… read more »

WEEKES, Esther

b.1853-d.1918 Esther was born in the September Quarter of 1853 in the Bethnal Green registration district to William Granger (Grainger) (1822-1865) and his wife Esther nee DARBY (1823-1890). They had married on 11th November 1844, at St Leonard’s Church, Shoreditch. William was the son of a William and both were weavers . Esther,a servant, was… read more »

SPURRET, Walter George Blofeld

b.1900 -d.1934 Walter George Blofeld Spurrett was born on 17th February 1900, the son of Thomas Richard Spurrett (1851 – 1908) and Clara Debank (1872 – 1910). He was baptised on 15th August 1900 at St George’s Church, Bloomsbury. On 22nd April 1905, Walter started school at the West London District School – Ashford School. This… read more »

Neal, Susan Eliza and Neal, Walter Charles

b. 1872-d.1908 and b.1908-d.1908 Walter Charles Neal was born in Long Grove Asylum on 7th June 1908 and died there 18 days later on the 25th June. He was buried in the Horton Cemetery on the 29th June. The cause of death entered on his death certificate was congenital syphilis and marasmus [undernourishment]. Walter’s mother… read more »

HODD, Edgar Horace

b.1869-d.1909 Edgar’s early life with his parents and siblings – 1860s Edgar Horace Hodd was born in 3rd Quarter, 1869 in Lambeth, Surrey. He was the 4th of five children found, born to Edward Hamilton Hodd (1841-1909) and Amelia Child (1832-1908). Edward and Amelia were married in St Mary’s Lambeth on 25th Oct 1861, Edward… read more »

Harlock, Louisa

b.1859c-d.1909c Sadly Louisa was a foundling, born circa 1859 -1860, most likely in the London area.Foundlings on admission to the hospital were baptised, renamed and given an admission number. The Foundling Hospital in London, England, was founded in 1739 by the philanthropic sea captain Thomas Coram. It was a children’s home established for the ‘education… read more »

PYM, Edward

b.1857-d.1909 Edward’s father James had 11 children before Edward was born Before Edward was born his father, James Pym, had married his first wife Mary Gibson in 1822. They went on to have 11 children. Mary died in 1845. James, aged 45, married Eliza, née Heath, aged 28 in June 1846, a notable age difference… read more »


b.1886-d.1919 Having been born in France, Louis is living in London in 1901 In the 1901 Census, Louis A G Morival, (he is mis-transcribed as “Monical”), described as an errand boy aged 15, is living with his mother and step-father, Frederick C Davies. Louis is described as a French subject, born in France about 1886…. read more »

HORSEY, Joseph Maslen

b.1897-d.1918 Although the Horton Cemetery Burials record shows his name as Joseph Master Horsey, his name is really Joseph Maslen Horsey. His parents were Henry and Sarah Ann née Maslen. They were married on 14 September 1890 in St. John’s Church Hoxton. Henry was 26 years old and lived at 87 Phillip Street. Sarah was… read more »


b.1858-d.1915 Buried Horton Estate Cemetery. Indicated age at death is shown as 56 years. Sophia Peterson was born in the 2nd Quarter of 1858 in the District of Lambeth and was subsequently baptised on the 25th April 1858 at St Mary’s Church, Lambeth. Her parents are shown as William Samuel Peterson and Eliza Anne Peterson…. read more »

GILLER, Frederick

b.1861-d.1908 Frederick was born in 1861 in the Camberwell registration district to Frederick Gustavus Giller (1834 – 1881), a merchant’s clerk and Elizabeth ‘Minnie’, née Peacock (1837 – 1870). They had married on 21st March 1856 at St Mary’s Church, Luton. Frederick was the third child to be born to the couple. Louisa Alexandra 1857… read more »

STACE, Louisa

b.1835-1908 Louisa is born in Warminster, Wiltshire Louisa was born to James Pearce, a labourer, and his wife Edith in Warminster, Wiltshire and baptised at the church of St Denys with St Lawrence on 16th April 1835. In 1841, the Pearces were living in Bread Street, Warminster. In addition to Louisa and her parents, the… read more »


b.1848-d.1910 To research Mary’s story I needed to start with her death certificate. This stated that she was a spinster aged 62, a domestic servant and had lived at 3 Cambridge Terrace, Burnt Ash Lane, Lee. Knowing that she had died at Long Grove Asylum, I found her admission record. From there, I could trace… read more »

PAXTON, William Spencer

b.1859-d.1908 William was born in 1859 to Thomas Paxton (1826-1867) and his wife, Emma née Cotton (1827-1880). They married in 1848 at Woburn. Thomas was a land agent/ostler, son of William Paxton and Mary Spencer. Emma was the daughter of Thomas Cotton and Elizabeth Binyon. When William was born, he was the seventh of nine… read more »

WATKINS, Caroline Sarah

b.1864-d.1907 Caroline was born in the September quarter of 1864, in the St Pancras registration district, London, to George Daniel Watkins, born in 1837 and Lucy Elizabeth Watkins, born in 1835. They had married on 8th March 1857 at St Pancras Church. George had been baptised as Daniel George. His occupation was a pianoforte key… read more »


b.1865-d.1914 Known Facts Emma Sears died at the age of about 49 whilst a patient at Manor Asylum, Epsom, Surrey. Her alleged age suggested a birth about 1865. Her death was on the 2ndSeptember 1914 and she was buried on the 7th September in the Horton Cemetery in Grave 1227b. Research to identify Emma Extensive… read more »

HOPE, Julia

b.1867-d.1915 Julia was an Asylum Patient who died and was then buried in the Horton Estate Cemetery, on the 8th July 1915. Her age was stated as 41 years. There is no birth record in National Indexes close to 1874 to indicate a birth of a person of this name and age. However, in the… read more »

DONEGAN, Lottie Enid

b.1886-d.1914 Identifying Lottie Enid Donegan was very difficult. Only when records written five years after her death came to light was it possible to piece things together and unravel her life. Lottie Enid Donegan died aged 27 on 3rd July 1914 at Horton Asylum; the cause of her death was given as cerebral meningitis (syphilitic)… read more »

WALTER, Mary Elizabeth

b.1886-d.1906 Mary was born in the Wandsworth District of London. The surname recorded is shown as Walters not Walter, although the mother’s maiden name confirms this is the correct birth. From her baptismal record we know her birth date was the 22nd August 1886 although the birth was not actually registered until the 4th Quarter… read more »


b.1878-d.1906 PREAMBLE David is recorded in the Horton Estate Cemetery Record as having been buried on the 13th December 1906 in Grave 920. His death age is stated as 27. He had been a patient in the Horton Asylum in Epsom and his arrival there is found in the UK Lunacy Patients Admission Registers 1846-1912… read more »


b.1882-d.1914 The sad story of Emma of whom we know very little. She was born without speech and spent most of her life away from her family, perhaps only knowing them in her very early years, eventually dying very young in The Manor Hospital. Clearing the confusion of Emma’s birth year. Emma Holton is listed… read more »

ORPWOOD, Edith Annie

b.1881-d.1917 Edith Annie Orpwood was born in 1881 to Richard and Elizabeth Orpwood. At this time, the family lived at 10 Cambridge Road, Kilburn, London. Edith’s birth was registered at Hendon in the second quarter of 1881 (3a 169). Richard is a bookseller’s assistant. Edith is their sixth child and she was baptised at St… read more »

SHINE, John James

b.1855 – d.1909 John James Shine was born on 9th September 1855, to Denis age 31 and Martha age 26. They were living in Castle Street, Holborn. John was baptised at St. John the Evangelist in Lambeth on 30th September 1855. On the baptism record Denis was then working as an engine driver. In the… read more »


b.1895-d.1918 George’s Story George Henry Gooding’s birth was registered in the March quarter of 1896 (reference Holborn 1b 710). The Holborn Registration District covered the St. Luke’s district. He had been born on 6 December 1895. His parents were Thomas, a sadler, and Elizabeth and they lived at 18 Chapel Street. George was baptised on… read more »

SABEY, George David

b.1843 – d.1911 George was born on the 1st May 1843 in Shoreditch, and was baptised at St Leonard’s Church on 14th May 1843. His parents were Simeon and Elizabeth Sabey and they were living in North Street, Cripplegate, Shoreditch, Simeon was a carpenter. “Joshua Solomon (b1832) occupation ale house keeper of Metropolitan House, 1… read more »


b.1888-d.1919 Early Life Emma May Chandler was registered as May Emma Chandler at birth. She was born on 11th May 1888 in Westminster, London. Her parents were Henry John Chandler and Elizabeth Mary Chandler née Kerney. Emma May was their first child. The couple had married the year before at St John the Evangelist Church,… read more »

ROBB, David

b.1856-d.1917 Compared to many of those who died in Long Grove and are buried in Horton Cemetery, David Robb lived a life seemingly unaffected by poverty. The son of a commissioned officer in the army, he became a civil servant. He married the daughter of a successful wool-merchant and had a son. He would never… read more »

MOSS, Joseph William

b.1860-d.1917 Joseph William Moss was born in the fourth quarter of 1860 in Lawshall Green, a hamlet in the parish of Lawshall, in Suffolk. It is a small village situated between Bury St Edmund’s and Sudbury. Joseph was the first child of James Moss, an agricultural labourer, and his wife Matilda (née Mortlock). James himself… read more »

OLDFIELD, William George

b.1858-d.1910 Finding evidence for William’s life prior to his entry to the workhouse and then asylum system has been very challenging. This has been a time-consuming labour of love and still there are gaps in the detail. In one census, William states he was born in Walworth, Southwark, London but it has not been possible… read more »

CURSON, Charles Robert

b.1864-d.1917 When Charles Curson died in Long Grove in 1917, he had spent the last seven years of his life in this institution. A married man with two children and it would appear always in employment. There is nothing in the story of his earlier life to suggest that he would end his days in… read more »


b.1868-d.1917 Although his birth year was estimated incorrectly in a number of censuses and workhouse registers, our research confirms that George Camplisson was born in Dublin on the 9th of April 1868. George was baptised on the 20th April 1868 in Dublin. George was the second child of compositor George Camplisson senior and his wife… read more »

KIMBER, Thomas

b.1865-d.1918 We know that Thomas Kimber died in Long Grove on the 17th of May 1918 at the age of 51. It has not yet been possible to find an admission record that would allow us to determine exactly how long he spent in the institution. We know that he was still in the workhouse… read more »


b.1878 – d.1907 Dunkinson has been spelt in a variety of ways on the sources discovered, however I believe they are transcription errors and that the documents found all refer to Matilda Dunkinson buried at Horton Cemetery in 1907. I have used the Dunkinson spelling throughout. Birth Matilda Dunkinson was born on the 8th November… read more »


b.1870 – d.1917 Calculated from his age of 47 when he died in 1917, he was born about 1870. The GRO has no birth registered under this name – perhaps he was born abroad. There was no record of anyone with surname of LANDROS on freebmd records between 1868 and 1872. I searched the 1911… read more »

JAMES, Annie

b.1852 – d.1899 Annie JAMES appears in the Manor burial register (6882/9/2) as case number 1. As far as anyone is aware Annie was the very first burial at Horton cemetery upon opening. We have not yet found any reference to a burial plot. I expect to find much more information on Annie once I… read more »

BUNCE, Maurice

b.1861 – d.1918 Introduction Maurice (or Morris) Bunce was born in Lambeth in the first quarter of 1861, to Maurice Bunce, a labourer, and his wife Johanna. Both of Maurice’s parents were born in Ireland, Maurice senior in 1821 and Johanna in 1831. Maurice was the couple’s fourth child after: George (born in 1854), John… read more »

MORGAN, Jemima

b.1859- d.1910 Jemima is a name of Hebrew origin meaning dove, a bird often given as a symbol of peace. We can only hope when researching that the people whose stories we write did find some peace in their lives. The first research carried out to identify Jemima went completely down the wrong path, pursuing… read more »

JELLIMAN, Elizabeth

b.1850 – d.1918 Elizabeth Jelliman was born in Shoreditch in the third quarter of 1850 to Daniel Jelliman and his wife Elizabeth (née Knowles). At the time of Elizabeth’s birth, her father was aged 34 and her mother was 30. Daniel Jelliman’s first marriage In 1839, Daniel had married his first wife, Elizabeth (Betsey) Lander… read more »


b.1867 – d.1915 Louisa Bellamy was born Q1-1867 along with her twin brother John, to Edward Bellamy and Frances Bellamy neé Hathway. Their father, Edward, was 34 and their mother, Frances, was 30. Edward and Frances married on 17th June 1860 and their residence at the time was in Brother’s Row. The witnesses were Edward’s… read more »

FRASER, Arthur Alfred

b.1865-d.1918 1860s Arthur Alfred Fraser (or Frazer) was born on March 16th, 1865, in St James, Westminster, to Thomas Fraser and his wife Elizabeth Emma (née Barker). At the time of Arthur’s birth, Thomas was aged 52 and Elizabeth Emma (known as Emma) was 36. The couple already had three children, Ellen, born in 1855,… read more »

GOMMERING, Elizabeth

b.1858 -d. 1909 It is probably irrelevant but interesting that Elizabeth Gommering has a number of significant dates in her timeline. She is admitted to one asylum on St George’s Day and to another on St Patrick’s Day; she dies on New Year’s Eve and is buried on the Feast of the Epiphany. For someone… read more »

FORMAN, Thomas

b.1866- d.1918 Introduction Thomas Forman may well have ended his days in Long Grove Hospital as a direct result of his experiences of serving with the Royal Artillery in India and South Africa. Before he enlisted, there is no indication of any mental health issues, his life apparently quite ordinary and stable. Certainly, there is… read more »


Louisa was born in the Fulham registration district during the December quarter of 1889. The daughter of James Bransgrove and Ellen his wife nee Plumridge. They had married on 6th August 1871 at St Stephen’s Church, Shepherds Bush. James gave his occupation as a Plasterer as was his father Charles. Ellen’s father William was deceased,… read more »

WATERER, Richard James

b.1846 – d.1912 Early Family Richard John Waterer was born 5th January 1846 in Kennington Lambeth, the third of four children born to James Waterer (1816-1849) and Catherine Hone (1819-1892). He was baptised on 14th June 1846 at St Mark’s Church, Kennington. Parents James and Catherine were married on 12 August 1839 at St Mary’s… read more »

MAURISCHE, Marie Theresa

b.1842 – d.1908 Marie Theresa Maurische died on the 19th February 1908 in Long Grove Asylum and was buried in Horton Cemetery on the 25th February. Her death certificate records that she was the wife of Maurische ‘occupation unknown’ and that she was ‘of Rotherhithe Infirmary’. The cause of her death, confirmed by post mortem,… read more »

HALEY, Samuel Thomas

b.1846 – d.1908 Samuel Thomas Haley died on 17th September 1908 and was buried in grave 201b of Horton Cemetery on the 24th September. The Lunacy Patients Admission Register records Samuel’s admission to Long Grove Asylum from the Shoreditch Workhouse Infirmary only a few weeks earlier on the 4th August. The earliest record linking Samuel… read more »

FRYER, Edward

b.1865 – d.1909 Early Life Historians believe that Shoreditch got its name from water that ran across the area’s marshland. It was originally known as Soersditch, or Sewer’s Ditch. Edward Fryer was born in 1865 to Charles and Emma. In the 1871 census the family was living in Ware Street. Head of the house, Charles… read more »

MOUSLEY, Edward Lawford Girling

b.1870 – d.1909 Early Life Edward was born on 8th July 1870 in the village of Cranleigh, Surrey, sometimes recorded as Cranley, registered under Hambledon near Godalming. He was the 6th child of 12 found born to Thomas Henry Mousley, a certified National Schoolmaster, organist and choir master and his wife Martha Tricker. Edward was… read more »

RUDKIN, Elizabeth Jane

b.1849 – d.1910 Introduction Sometimes the loose ends of family history research do not tie up neatly and that can leave doubt in mind. As a research subject, Elizabeth leaves some questions unanswered and despite repeated research there remains some doubt. When this research began, a very early clue was the fact that her estate… read more »


b.1876 – d.1910 Finding the correct Minnie The search for Minnie Deverill has proved difficult as there was limited information to link her to any family. With only a Grave number, an age and a death certificate number and no knowledge of her status, all avenues had to be considered. Fortunately, her surname is not… read more »


b.1869 – d.1909 Early years Susan Elizabeth Smith was born in the autumn of 1869, the daughter of George Smith, a cab driver, and his wife Susan. On the 1871 census, Susan is living with her parents and siblings in Wellington Mews, Kensington. Although ‘Mews’ today conjures up an image of rather exclusive quiet backstreets,… read more »


b.1876 – d.1902 Highly possible but not certain (yet) story for John Collins According to the GRO Death Index, John Collins was aged 25 when he died in Epsom, which would give him a birth year of ~1877. Collins is quite a common surname, but we believe the following is a possible record of John’s… read more »

DICK, Andrea Elder

b.1874 – d.1915 Andrea was born in the 4th Quarter of 1874 in the Registration District of Prescot, which is near Liverpool.In 1881 she was living with her parents and siblings at 5 Denbigh Terrace in the town of Liscard in Cheshire. The Census for the time records the following: Andrew Elder Dick, head, married… read more »

ALAIS, Sarah Elizabeth

b. 1874 – d.1914 Early Years Sarah Elizabeth Norris was born in the 4th Quarter of 1874 in the District of Eastry in Kent. Eastry is a town slightly inland at the far east of Kent and the District includes the seaside towns of Deal and Sandwich. Sarah was baptised on the 1st day of… read more »


b.1838 – d.1912 Early life – 1830s to 1840s Emma was born on 14th April 1838 in Paddington and lived to be nearly 74 years old, dying on 20th January 1912 in The Manor Hospital. She was baptised in St John’s Paddington on 11th May 1838. Her parents were John Bigford and Mary Ann Cummings,… read more »


b. 1843 – d.1906 This is the story of Augustus ‘Justus’ Pfaffenbach, a German Tailor who came to London, married, had children but then suffered with his mental health. 1870s We first find Augustus on the 1871 census, taken on the 2nd April, where he is residing as a 28 year old lodger at 31… read more »

THEO, Walter

b.1871 – d.1918 Walter’s Father John Theodoridi, Walter’s father was born in 1833 in Constantinople Turkey. He was a Greek gentleman, former Captain in the Russian army, a freemason of Royal Athelston Lodge, and became one of the first tobacco merchants in London. In 1861 he opened his first cigarette shop in Leicester Square. John… read more »

WHITAKER, Isabella

b.1876 – d.1917 Isabella was quite hard to find – was she married or single? Once I found a record, I worked around it and found her birth registered in 1876. Tracing her family back, her parents, Ruth Kimberley and James Scuffham Whitaker were married at St George Southwark in June 1862. The marriage lasted… read more »

DOODY, Thomas

b.1849-d.1902 Thomas’ parents Owen Doody and Caroline Amelia Wilson married on 3 August 1845 in St Nicholas Church in Deptford, Greenwich. Four months later, on 14 December, Thomas’ older brother, Owen William was born. He was baptised on 11 January 1846 in St Alphage Church, Greenwich. It seems that Owen was the only child to… read more »

BYFORD, Walter

b.1859-d.1910 A summary of the evidence it has been possible to locate for Walter suggests an ordinary life. Walter was born on January 11th 1859 in Hoxton, London. His parents were Walter Byford b.1821 in Clare, Suffolk and Margaret who was born in Poonah, East India in 1832. Walter’s parents had been married in St…. read more »

DORLEY, Harriet

b.1830/5-d.1913 Introduction Harriet was born in the early 1830s in Ramsholt. This is a small village in East Suffolk. It is best known for its 13th century Church of St Anne with its rare round tower, most such towers elsewhere being square. In 1831 it had a population of 215 inhabitants of which 47 were… read more »

GODFREY, Susannah

b.1860-d.1914 Introduction Susannah Godfrey. This is the name recorded in the Burial Records of Horton Estate Cemetery. It shows that Susannah, who had been a patient in Manor Asylum, was buried on the 12th of January 1914 in grave reference 825a. Death age is indicated to be 55. That would suggest a birth about 1859/1860…. read more »