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BUNCE, Maurice

b.1861 – d.1918 Introduction Maurice (or Morris) Bunce was born in Lambeth in the first quarter of 1861, to Maurice Bunce, a labourer, and his wife Johanna. Both of Maurice’s parents were born in Ireland, Maurice senior in 1821 and Johanna in 1831. Maurice was the couple’s fourth child after: George (born in 1854), John… read more »

MORGAN, Jemima

b.1859- d.1910 Jemima – a beautiful, happy sounding name. Yet Jemima’s is not a happy life and she, like so many others, spends most of her time reliant on the support of the local workhouse and then enters the asylum system. Some of the people we are researching touch our hearts and Jemima is one… read more »

JELLIMAN, Elizabeth

b.1850 – d.1918 Elizabeth Jelliman was born in Shoreditch in the third quarter of 1850 to Daniel Jelliman and his wife Elizabeth (née Knowles). At the time of Elizabeth’s birth, her father was aged 34 and her mother was 30. Daniel Jelliman’s first marriage In 1839, Daniel had married his first wife, Elizabeth (Betsey) Lander… read more »


b.1867 – d.1915 Louisa Bellamy was born Q1-1867 along with her twin brother John, to Edward Bellamy and Frances Bellamy neé Hathway. Their father, Edward, was 34 and their mother, Frances, was 30. Edward and Frances married on 17th June 1860 and their residence at the time was in Brother’s Row. The witnesses were Edward’s… read more »

FRASER, Arthur Alfred

b.1865-d.1918 1860s Arthur Alfred Fraser (or Frazer) was born on March 16th, 1865, in St James, Westminster, to Thomas Fraser and his wife Elizabeth Emma (née Barker). At the time of Arthur’s birth, Thomas was aged 52 and Elizabeth Emma (known as Emma) was 36. The couple already had three children, Ellen, born in 1855,… read more »

GOMMERING, Elizabeth

b.1858 -d. 1909 It is probably irrelevant but interesting that Elizabeth Gommering has a number of significant dates in her timeline. She is admitted to one asylum on St George’s Day and to another on St Patrick’s Day; she dies on New Year’s Eve and is buried on the Feast of the Epiphany. For someone… read more »

FORMAN, Thomas

b.1866- d.1918 Introduction Thomas Forman may well have ended his days in Long Grove Hospital as a direct result of his experiences of serving with the Royal Artillery in India and South Africa. Before he enlisted, there is no indication of any mental health issues, his life apparently quite ordinary and stable. Certainly, there is… read more »


Louisa was born in the Fulham registration district during the December quarter of 1889. The daughter of James Bransgrove and Ellen his wife nee Plumridge. They had married on 6th August 1871 at St Stephen’s Church, Shepherds Bush. James gave his occupation as a Plasterer as was his father Charles. Ellen’s father William was deceased,… read more »

WATERER, Richard James

b.1846 – d.1912 Early Family Richard John Waterer was born 5th January 1846 in Kennington Lambeth, the third of four children born to James Waterer (1816-1849) and Catherine Hone (1819-1892). He was baptised on 14th June 1846 at St Mark’s Church, Kennington. Parents James and Catherine were married on 12 August 1839 at St Mary’s… read more »

MAURISCHE, Marie Theresa

b.1842 – d.1908 Marie Theresa Maurische is a patient who left only a faint trace behind, here is what I was able to ascertain. The Lunacy Patients Register records her admission to Wandsworth Asylum, or more formally Surrey County Lunatic Asylum, in September 1880 when she would have been 38. There is a possible entry… read more »

HALEY, Samuel Thomas

b.1846 – d.1908 Samuel Thomas Haley died on 17th September 1908 and was buried in grave 201b of Horton Cemetery on the 24th September. The Lunacy Patients Admission Register records Samuel’s admission to Long Grove Asylum from the Shoreditch Workhouse Infirmary only a few weeks earlier on the 4th August. The earliest record linking Samuel… read more »

FRYER, Edward

b.1865 – d.1909 Early Life Historians believe that Shoreditch got its name from water that ran across the area’s marshland. It was originally known as Soersditch, or Sewer’s Ditch. Edward Fryer was born in 1865 to Charles and Emma. In the 1871 census the family was living in Ware Street. Head of the house, Charles… read more »

MOUSLEY, Edward Lawford Girling

b.1870 – d.1909 Early Life Edward was born on 8th July 1870 in the village of Cranleigh, Surrey, sometimes recorded as Cranley, registered under Hambledon near Godalming. He was the 6th child of 12 found born to Thomas Henry Mousley, a certified National Schoolmaster, organist and choir master and his wife Martha Tricker. Edward was… read more »

RUDKIN, Elizabeth Jane

b.1849 – d.1910 Introduction Sometimes the loose ends of family history research do not tie up neatly and that can leave doubt in mind. As a research subject, Elizabeth leaves some questions unanswered and despite repeated research there remains some doubt. When this research began, a very early clue was the fact that her estate… read more »

SMITH, Emily Clara

b.1879 – d.1917 Emily was born on 6th August 1879 in Bethnal Green to William James – a brass finisher – and Fanny Adelaide Smith, nee Horsey, of 41 Monteath Road, who had married in 1871 in Hackney. She was baptised at St Thomas Bethnal Green on 14th March 1880. William and Fanny had at… read more »


b.1876 – d.1910 Finding the correct Minnie The search for Minnie Deverill has proved difficult as there was limited information to link her to any family. With only a Grave number, an age and a death certificate number and no knowledge of her status, all avenues had to be considered. Fortunately, her surname is not… read more »


b.1869 – d.1909 Early years Susan Elizabeth Smith was born in the autumn of 1869, the daughter of George Smith, a cab driver, and his wife Susan. On the 1871 census, Susan is living with her parents and siblings in Wellington Mews, Kensington. Although ‘Mews’ today conjures up an image of rather exclusive quiet backstreets,… read more »


b.1876 – d.1902 Highly possible but not certain (yet) story for John Collins According to the GRO Death Index, John Collins was aged 25 when he died in Epsom, which would give him a birth year of ~1877. Collins is quite a common surname, but we believe the following is a possible record of John’s… read more »

DICK, Andrea Elder

b.1874 – d.1915 Andrea was born in the 4th Quarter of 1874 in the Registration District of Prescot, which is near Liverpool.In 1881 she was living with her parents and siblings at 5 Denbigh Terrace in the town of Liscard in Cheshire. The Census for the time records the following: Andrew Elder Dick, head, married… read more »

ALAIS, Sarah Elizabeth

b. 1874 – d.1914 Early Years Sarah Elizabeth Norris was born in the 4th Quarter of 1874 in the District of Eastry in Kent. Eastry is a town slightly inland at the far east of Kent and the District includes the seaside towns of Deal and Sandwich. Sarah was baptised on the 1st day of… read more »