Respect for the dead

  • The site currently contains the remains of thousands of patients from the Epsom cluster of asylums, currently disrespected and forgotten in unmarked graves.
  • Human remains are being strewn across the ground by wildlife and are being found by the public, including curious children, sometimes with traumatic effects when they realise what they have found.
  • The very few grave markers that can be found are in a terrible state and lay broken, strewn across the site. At least 1 headstone has been found on site too. The location of the few markers needs to be recorded to help identify the layout of the plots before being lost forever.

The right thing to do

  • The site is an embarrassment to society, in that a 21st century nation allows the dead to be treated this way.
  • The site is of huge historical and archaeological interest to understand the history of mental health at the Epsom cluster.
  • Every day more history is being lost with decay, destruction or theft from the site.
  • It is a recognised Commonwealth War Grave Commission site, with known soldiers buried here remembered only by a memorial that had to be placed OUTSIDE the cemetery due to private ownership.
  • These are real people with real lives from all walks of life, that came to an unfortunate end.
  • We need to plant more trees, healthy, free, natural Co² filters called green infrastructure – Surrey’s Climate Change Strategy sets a target for the planting of 1.2million new trees by 2030

The relatives

  • Relatives of the dead cannot visit their ancestors as this is technically trespassing.
  • Relatives of the dead cannot visit their ancestors as the site is dangerous for anyone wishing to visit.
  • As no burial map is available, how will the relatives of the dead be informed of any potential removal.

The current site

  • The site is in Private ownership after being sold off by the government.
  • The owner has no interest whatsoever in maintaining the site
  • The owner has refused to communicate with anyone on a plan for the site.
  • The site is an eyesore to the local area, due to mismanagement and zero maintenance of the owner.
  • The once beautiful trees are left to rot, collapse, and are increasingly dangerous.
  • The site has become a fly-tipping site, with mattresses, tyres and white goods being dumped here.
  • From evidence on the site, it is being used by individuals for recreational, illegal activities.
  • Evidence of human waste on site, due to some individuals deciding to set up camp here.
  • The site should never have been sold to a private individual and there appears to be no paper trail to say whether it was sold off in the right manner, at the right price to achieve the highest NHS benefit.

What’s the alternative?

  • Leaving the site as is means that it will continue to become more dangerous and more of an eyesore.
  • The current owner only has their own financial interest to consider.