Expert AdvisersTrusteesSecretary
Dr. Alana Harris (Historical Consultant) Kings CollegeSheila Berry (Chair)Lionel Blackman Solicitor
Dr. Sarah Rutherford (Heritage Consultant) Kevin McDonnell
Hon. Alderman Alan Carlson
Bethany Turner
Stephen Johnson

Volunteer Researchers

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  • Jane Allen
  • Elizabeth Aumeer
  • Hazel Ballan
  • Sheila Berry-Carlson
  • Sylvia Bromiley
  • Laura Brown
  • Valerie Bushell
  • Sinead Cox
  • Brian Cullen
  • Sheila Cumming
  • Anne Davies
  • Carole Davies
  • Kate Dillon
  • Joan Dewar
  • Frank Dummigan
  • Louise Fowler
  • Sue Hardie
  • Hilary Jane Hopson
  • Julie Jackson
  • Steve Johnson
  • Theresa Kenefick-Conway
  • Isabel Knight
  • Martin Knight
  • Laura Lawson
  • Lesley Lee
  • Sue Littleboy
  • Jennifer Llewellyn
  • Linda Martin
  • Kevin McDonnell
  • Tony McGarry
  • Sue McKenzie
  • Mary Merrett
  • Linda Miles-Cartwright
  • Roger Miller
  • John Mumford
  • Stephen Munday
  • Sally Nestor
  • Charlotte Payne
  • Barbara Smith
  • Rosie Spence
  • Andrea Stokes
  • Louise Taylor
  • Derek Terrell
  • Jenny Thomas
  • Bethany Turner
  • Christine Whitehead
  • John Wilmott
  • Katherine Wood
The Borough of Epsom and Ewell’s

Michael Arthur
David Smith

Jean Smith 
Michael Staples
Jean Steer
Keith Mann
Robert Lewis

Members of Parliament
Baroness Sheila Hollins
Rt Hon. Chris Grayling 

Revd. David Fox Branch
Janice Baker

Polish Institute
Dr Andrzej Suchcitz

Baroness Sheila Hollins has joined Freemen and Aldermen of the Borough, the local MP and others in their Patronage of The Friends of Horton Cemetery.

The Baroness Hollins

Baroness Hollins is a leading figure nationally and worldwide in the field of psychiatry. A former President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the British Medical Association, she is an adviser to The Pope on the protection of minors and is a cross-bench member of the House of Lords. She worked for several years at St. Ebba’s Hospital in Epsom.