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b. 1859 – d. 1921


Frederick William Aldridge was born on the 19th of January 1859 in the district of Waterloo Second Park, Lambeth, Surrey, England to father unknown and Mother Priscilla Mary Aldridge born abt 1832 a British subject from France, address at the time was recorded as 43 York Rd, Lambeth, Surrey, England. Frederick had one sister Ellen born abt 1863 and lived most his life with his mother working as a Mechanical Clerk.

Birth certificate for Frederick William Aldridge


Priscilla Mary Aldridge is baptised on 9 October 1831, although William and Jane are listed as parents, and paper makers. I have come to believe they were a relative and/or guardian.

9 Oct 1831 – Baptism of Priscilla Mary
1841 Census

We can track Priscilla back to the 1841 census, as a 10-year-old, foreign subject in the village of River, Kent. She is living (or working) with paper manufacturer, Martha Murfum? and her daughter Ann (15).

By 1851 Priscilla is living as a ‘relative’, occupation Dressmaker, with William and Jane Mitchel – whom I believe to be the William and Jane listed on the baptism record. She is now a dressmaker, and William is a Tanner.

1851 census

Frederick’s Life

The 1861 census shows our Frederick aged 2 living at 20 Frances Street, Lambeth, London & Surrey, England with his mother Priscilla a 29-year-old Dressmaker.

Census 1861

During the 1871 census Frederick was recorded as a 12-year-old scholar living at Richmond Street, Lambeth, London & Surrey, England with his mother Priscilla aged 35 years and we discover his sister Ellen aged 8 years old. Sometime between 1871 – 1881, Frederick’s mother Priscilla married Joseph Francis, but by the 1881 census was listed as a widow.

During the 1881 census Frederick was recorded as a single 21-year-old Clerk & draughtsman (engineer) living at 3 Richmond Street, Lambeth, London & Surrey, England with his mother Priscilla (now FRANCIS) aged 49, a dressmaker, and his sister Ellen aged 18, also a dressmaker.

1881 Census


The 1891 census shows that although Frederick was still single, he does appear to have one child, a daughter Florence Maud Aldridge born in 1883, Florence was living with Frederick and her grandmother Priscilla in 1891 aged 8 years old. From the birth records we find her mother’s maiden name is Pontin.

Frederick was recorded as a single 32-year-old Mechanical clerk & draughtsman living at Royal Road, Newington, with his mother Priscilla M. Francis aged 59 years (widow) and Florence M Aldridge aged 8 years, listed as granddaughter to Priscilla.

It would appear that his sister Ellen never married nor had any children and assumably took on the care of her brother being recorded as his next of kin on his admission paperwork.

Frederick’s mother Priscilla passed away in 1892 aged 60 years old and following her death, it appears that Frederick started to experience some mental health issues. It would appear that his sister Ellen never married nor had any children and assumably took on the care of her brother being recorded as his next of kin on his admission paperwork.

Asylum Years

The Lunacy Patients Admission Register first shows Frederick admitted to an asylum on 19 March 1898, when he was admitted to Colney Hatch lunacy asylum.

Admitted Colney: 19 Mar 1898 – Discharged 15 Aug 1899 ‘Relieved’

Frederick aged 39 years old was transferred on the 15th of August 1899 from the Lambeth Infirmary to the Manor Asylum very depressed and of unsound mind, stating he had many loses and believing that the electricity and gas in the air is affecting his mind and the cause of all his problems, his sister Ellen stating that he went out of his mind after suffering from Influenza, diagnosis was eventually recorded as Mania.

Admitted Horton/Manor: 15 Aug 1899 – Discharged 03 Mar 1902 ‘Not Improved’

He is strange in manner & states that electric shocks pass through his brain from telegraph poles. he is depressed & states that he has had many losses. he imagines that his head is a ‘receiver’ and can hear voices from a distance. States this made him take out a gun license, etc.

Facts indicating insanity observed by myself at time of examination

Ellen Aldridge (sister) 26 Bengeworth Road, Herne Hill, states that he went out of his mind through influenza. He imagines it is through electricity and says he has been under the ground in drains. Very depressed & never speaks unless spoken to.

Facts communicated by others

The Manor asylum visitor book and admission records confirm Ellen Aldridge, a sister to Frederick William. She appears to have visited regularly.

Manor visitor log – Sister

During the 1901 census Frederick was recorded as a single 41-year-old Pauper Patient (Retired Clerk) admitted to The County of London Manor Asylum in Horton, Epsom, Surrey, England, recorded as a Lunatic.

In 1902, Frederick was discharged to the another of the Epsom cluster hospitals, Horton Infirmary, recorded as Not Improved.

Admitted Horton: 3 Mar 1902 – Died: 01 June 1921

During the 1911 census Frederick was recorded as a single 51-year-old patient at the London County Council, Horton Asylum, Epsom, Surrey, England.

Frederick’s daughter Florence appears once again in 1907, when she married George Wilfred Brown, father listed as Frederick Aldridge (recorded as deceased) and witnessed by her Aunt Ellen Aldridge, the 1921 census has her living at 22 Grantham Road, Stockwell, Lambeth, London & Surrey, England with her husband and 2 sons, staying with the family at the time was her Aunt Ellen Aldridge.

Frederick passed away on the 1st of June 1921 at the Horton Mental Hospital in Epsom, Surrey, England aged 61 years old, of Lambeth Infirmary, no occupation. I wonder whether he was ever aware that he was a grandfather?

Death certificate of Frederick William Aldridge

Cause of death was recorded as Ruptured Duodenal Ulcer, Peritonitis and Aortic Valvular Disease. Informant stated as R. G Riches, Acting Medical Superintendent of the Horton Mental Hospital, he was buried on the 6th of June 1921 at the Horton Estate Cemetery in Epsom, Surrey, England. Plot 176a.

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