Local Listing of Horton Cemetery

On September 9th 2021, The Licensing and Planning Policy Committee agreed to the Local Heritage listing of Horton Cemetery. This included the boundary railing and the war memorial built in 2004 which is currently positioned outside the railings, facing onto Horton Lane.

Thank you to all of our supporters around the world.

The Friends of Horton Cemetery would like to give our heartfelt thanks to all those that supported our efforts and helped us on our journey to ensure respect for those buried there.

The minutes of the committee meeting state that Historic England acknowledged the “significant local pressure to recognise the significance of Horton Cemetery”, which clearly strengthened the case.

Licensing and Planning Policy Committee

9 September 2021

The Committee is asked to:

Agree to the Local Listing of Horton Cemetery, including the boundary railings and a war memorial built in 2004 outside the railings and facing onto Horton Lane.

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Local Listing of Horton Cemetery  PDF 232 KB

This report recommends that the local listing of Horton Cemetery is confirmed, following the initial submission to Committee and subsequent consultation with interested parties.

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