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tbr Archives - Friends of Horton Cemetery

Epsom Cluster #3

Now known as St. Ebba’s hospital

MASON, Benjamin Albert

b.1874-d.1918 Benjamin was born on 9 April 1874 in Bethnal Green. His parents were George Mason and Elizabeth (née McTaggart). They were married on 30 June 1867 at St. James Church Bermondsey. He was a butcher living at 45 Ernest Road, Bermondsey. They were both of “full age” i.e. over 21. In the 1871 Census, at 416… read more »

KING, Ellen Mary

b. 1872-d.1910 Despite extensive searches I have not been able to trace Ellen’s background. There have been a number of leads but they led to dead ends and show who she is not rather than who she might be. However, what has been uncovered is a record of her life in various asylums which was… read more »

AUSTIN, Percy John

b.1870-d.1919 He was born in the March quarter of 1870, in Bridgend, Wales (reference 11a 483). In the 1871 Census, at an unnumbered house in Church Street, Midhurst Sussex present were William A. Austin, head aged 64. He was a schoolmaster born Carshalton, Surrey. His wife, Eliza, aged 69 was a school mistress born Chatham,… read more »

TURNER, Elizabeth

b. ~1866 – d.1910 Elizabeth TURNER is another common name to research. There are quite a few people in the workhouses and asylums with this name so we need to be careful with our research. What we do have is that Elizabeth died at Long Grove asylum hospital and was buried on 25th January 1910… read more »

SYMES, David

b.1865-d.1908 There is a birth for David B. Symes in the September quarter in 1866, in Greenwich, with a mother who had the surname of Lawrence. I have not found a baptism record. His mother’s marriage to a David B. Symes senior had taken place at St Martin in the Fields, in December 1865. On… read more »

WHITROD, Elizabeth

b.1857 – d.1918 Elizabeth was born in the March quarter of 1857 to William and Mary Vaughan (née Bratton/Brattan), in Wrotham, Kent. (Malling registration district). William and Mary had married on 24th February 1846, at the Parish Church of St Marylebone. William’s father was John, a Gardener and Mary’s father was George, a labourer. On… read more »

ORAM, Mary Ann

b.1849-d.1910 Mary Ann Swain was born in the City of London on 18th July 1849 and baptised at St Martin in the Fields, Westminster on 2nd September 1849. Her father, Thomas Randall Swain, was a marble paper maker, a skilled craftsman, who was given Freedom to the City of London in 1856. His family appear… read more »

HORSEY, Joseph Maslen

b.1897-d.1918 Although the Horton Cemetery Burials record shows his name as Joseph Master Horsey, his name is really Joseph Maslen Horsey. His parents were Henry and Sarah Ann née Maslen. They were married on 14 September 1890 in St. John’s Church Hoxton. Henry was 26 years old and lived at 87 Phillip Street. Sarah was… read more »

GILLER, Frederick

b.1861-d.1908 Frederick was born in 1861 in the Camberwell registration district to Frederick Gustavus Giller (1834 – 1881), a merchant’s clerk and Elizabeth ‘Minnie’, née Peacock (1837 – 1870). They had married on 21st March 1856 at St Mary’s Church, Luton. Frederick was the third child to be born to the couple. Louisa Alexandra 1857… read more »

PAXTON, William Spencer

b.1859-d.1908 William was born in 1859 to Thomas Paxton (1826-1867) and his wife, Emma née Cotton (1827-1880). They married in 1848 at Woburn. Thomas was a land agent/ostler, son of William Paxton and Mary Spencer. Emma was the daughter of Thomas Cotton and Elizabeth Binyon. When William was born, he was the seventh of nine… read more »

WATKINS, Caroline Sarah

b.1864-d.1907 Caroline was born in the September quarter of 1864, in the St Pancras registration district, London, to George Daniel Watkins, born in 1837 and Lucy Elizabeth Watkins, born in 1835. They had married on 8th March 1857 at St Pancras Church. George had been baptised as Daniel George. His occupation was a pianoforte key… read more »

ORPWOOD, Edith Annie

b.1881-d.1917 Edith Annie Orpwood was born in 1881 to Richard and Elizabeth Orpwood. At this time, the family lived at 10 Cambridge Road, Kilburn, London. Edith’s birth was registered at Hendon in the second quarter of 1881 (3a 169). Richard is a bookseller’s assistant. Edith is their sixth child and she was baptised at St… read more »


b.1895-d.1918 George’s Story George Henry Gooding’s birth was registered in the March quarter of 1896 (reference Holborn 1b 710). The Holborn Registration District covered the St. Luke’s district. He had been born on 6 December 1895. His parents were Thomas, a sadler, and Elizabeth and they lived at 18 Chapel Street. George was baptised on… read more »

SABEY, George David

b.1843 – d.1911 George was born on the 1st May 1843 in Shoreditch, and was baptised at St Leonard’s Church on 14th May 1843. His parents were Simeon and Elizabeth Sabey and they were living in North Street, Cripplegate, Shoreditch, Simeon was a carpenter. “Joshua Solomon (b1832) occupation ale house keeper of Metropolitan House, 1… read more »


b.1888-d.1919 Early Life Emma May Chandler was registered as May Emma Chandler at birth. She was born on 11th May 1888 in Westminster, London. Her parents were Henry John Chandler and Elizabeth Mary Chandler née Kerney. Emma May was their first child. The couple had married the year before at St John the Evangelist Church,… read more »

ROBB, David

b.1856-d.1917 Compared to many of those who died in Long Grove and are buried in Horton Cemetery, David Robb lived a life seemingly unaffected by poverty. The son of a commissioned officer in the army, he became a civil servant. He married the daughter of a successful wool-merchant and had a son. He would never… read more »


b.1868-d.1917 Although his birth year was estimated incorrectly in a number of censuses and workhouse registers, our research confirms that George Camplisson was born in Dublin on the 9th of April 1868. George was baptised on the 20th April 1868 in Dublin. George was the second child of compositor George Camplisson senior and his wife… read more »

KIMBER, Thomas

b.1865-d.1918 We know that Thomas Kimber died in Long Grove on the 17th of May 1918 at the age of 51. It has not yet been possible to find an admission record that would allow us to determine exactly how long he spent in the institution. We know that he was still in the workhouse… read more »


b.1878 – d.1907 Dunkinson has been spelt in a variety of ways on the sources discovered, however I believe they are transcription errors and that the documents found all refer to Matilda Dunkinson buried at Horton Cemetery in 1907. I have used the Dunkinson spelling throughout. Birth Matilda Dunkinson was born on the 8th November… read more »


b.1870 – d.1917 Calculated from his age of 47 when he died in 1917, he was born about 1870. The GRO has no birth registered under this name – perhaps he was born abroad. There was no record of anyone with surname of LANDROS on freebmd records between 1868 and 1872. I searched the 1911… read more »

JAMES, Annie

b.1852 – d.1899 Annie JAMES appears in the Manor burial register (6882/9/2) as case number 1. As far as anyone is aware Annie was the very first burial at Horton cemetery upon opening. We have not yet found any reference to a burial plot. I expect to find much more information on Annie once I… read more »

FRASER, Arthur Alfred

b.1865-d.1918 1860s Arthur Alfred Fraser (or Frazer) was born on March 16th, 1865, in St James, Westminster, to Thomas Fraser and his wife Elizabeth Emma (née Barker). At the time of Arthur’s birth, Thomas was aged 52 and Elizabeth Emma (known as Emma) was 36. The couple already had three children, Ellen, born in 1855,… read more »

FRYER, Edward

b.1865 – d.1909 Early Life Historians believe that Shoreditch got its name from water that ran across the area’s marshland. It was originally known as Soersditch, or Sewer’s Ditch. Edward Fryer was born in 1865 to Charles and Emma. In the 1871 census the family was living in Ware Street. Head of the house, Charles… read more »

THEO, Walter

b.1871 – d.1918 Walter’s Father John Theodoridi, Walter’s father was born in 1833 in Constantinople Turkey. He was a Greek gentleman, former Captain in the Russian army, a freemason of Royal Athelston Lodge, and became one of the first tobacco merchants in London. In 1861 he opened his first cigarette shop in Leicester Square. John… read more »

GODFREY, Susannah

b.1860-d.1914 Introduction Susannah Godfrey. This is the name recorded in the Burial Records of Horton Estate Cemetery. It shows that Susannah, who had been a patient in Manor Asylum, was buried on the 12th of January 1914 in grave reference 825a. Death age is indicated to be 55. That would suggest a birth about 1859/1860…. read more »

JAMES, Henry Walter

b. 1887-d.1941 Intro Private Henry Walter JAMES is one of the confirmed war dead buried within Horton cemetery. He is one of the ‘serviceman’ referred to on the Horton Memorial. His official war gravestone is located in Epsom Cemetery. His CWGC casualty details state; PVT (Private) in Pioneer Corps, Number: ‘13003015’, Died: 07/02/1941, Son of… read more »

HALLÉN, Hjalmar

b.1847 – d.1908 Hjalmar Hallén died on 19th April 1908 in Long Grove Asylum and was buried in Horton Cemetery on 25th April in grave 133a. The 1881 census The 1881 census finds Hjalmar living at 64 Bolsover Street, Marylebone. He is head of the household, aged 34 (est. birth year 1847). His occupation is… read more »