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b.1879 – d.1917

Hugh Goymer born 16th of January 1879.

Hugh Goymer was born in Stockwell in the London area of Lambeth, on the16th of January 1879 to Abraham and Milbrough Goymer. Abraham was 48 years old and Milbrough was 31 years old. The family lived at 2 Wingmore Road Brixton London. Abraham was a house painter when Hugh is born, Abraham and Milbrough have one older son Henry who was born three years before Hugh. Abraham and Milbrough have a daughter who was born in 1874 by the name of  Elizabeth Ann Goymer there is no mention of her in the next census of 1881. Hugh’s registration reference is Lambeth Q1 of 1879 1d 536

Hugh was baptised on the 14th of September 1879 at St John the Evangelist in Brixton London. The family still lives at 2 Wingmore Road Brixton. Abraham is a house painter. Hugh’s actual birth date can be found in the margin on the left of his baptism book as was common.

In the census of 1881 the family is still residing at 2 Wingmore Road Brixton and their family has not grown, Abraham is still employed as a house painter. The census was taken on Sunday the 3rd of April 1881 and Abraham and Milbrough had another son later that year, so she would have been pregnant at the time. This was to be their third son Charles. No mention of Elizabeth Ann.

Hugh is enrolled into school on the 26th of October 1886

The next record I have for Hugh is when he is enrolled into infants school at Jessops Road infants school Brixton London. This would have put his age as being 7 and a half years this seems quite old to be starting school but this may be normal for that day and age. Hugh and his family live at 7 Belinda Road Brixton London. Once again his birth date can be seen on the school admission documents

The census of 1901 was taken on Sunday the 1st of April 1901 Abraham and his eldest son are living at 7 Belinda Road Brixton still but Milbrough and the other children are not there that night. Abraham is listed as being a painter still and marked as married so maybe Milbrough was away staying at a relatives house that night.

Before the next census of 1911 both of Hugh’s brothers have died, that is Henry and Charles.

Henry Goymer died in the 3rd qtr. of 1906 in the Lambeth registration area of London.  St Olave 1d 144  

Then in the 1911 census which was taken on Sunday the 2nd of April 1911, this is the first census in which they ask  you how many children have been born to you and how many are still living. Abraham and Milbrough have not fared well, they had 5 children of which they still have 2 surviving stating 3 have died. Abraham is head of house with his wife Milbrough and son Hugh living there. They live at 7 Belinda Road Loughborough Junction Brixton. If you study Abraham’s hand writing you see the unsteady shake of a old man. Abraham being 80yrs old now. Abraham is retired and Hugh is a house painter.

The next information we can find is with the outbreak of world war one Hugh enlists into the Royal Field Artillery Regiment he signs up very early in the war, in the first month I think. He joins in London into The Royal Field Artillery Regiment Army serial number is 87169 62nd battalion. Later in the war Hugh is admitted into an army medical facility and diagnosed with GPI or as I found out general paralysis of the insane not a very nice thing to have. In those days no cure was available. It is usually caused by catching syphilis and can take from ten to thirty years after initial infection to become evident. Hugh was transferred from army hospital into Long Grove Asylum in Epsom Surrey on the 1st of November 1916.

While Hugh was sick in the army hospital his father Abraham died. Was Hugh able to comprehend what had happened, his army medical notes indicate he took little interest in things going on about him.

Hugh did not stay very long at Long Grove he was admitted on November the 1st 1916 and his GPI must have been so advanced he died on the 16th of February 1917.RIP

If it had been nowadays it would have been very different with the discovery of penicillin. Hugh was buried in the small cemetery known as Horton cemetery which is on the junction of Hook Road and Horton Lane Epsom, Surrey. This is a cemetery used by the Epsom cluster of asylums being Horton hospital, The Manor Hospital West Park Hospital, Long Grove Hospital and Saint Ebba’s.

Hugh is buried in plot number 1386a RIP.

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