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FRIZELL, Frederick Robert


Frederick’s parents

Frederick’s father, Frederick Fenton Frizell, was born in Dublin about 1841. Frederick’s mother was Harriet Frizell née Butress. Frederick Fenton Frizell’s parents were Robert Nicolls Frizell and Janet Frizell, née Lockhart.

Frederick’s parents were married in the December quarter of 1869 in Plymouth (ref. East Stonehouse 5b 571. In 1937 East Stonehouse became part of the Plymouth Registration District.)

The 1870s – a growing family

In the December quarter of 1870 Jessie Frizell was born, (reference Plymouth 5b 254) and in the Census of 1871 the family were living at 10, Stoke Road Plymouth. Frederick Frizell was recorded as the head of the household, married, aged 26, and a Marine born in Dublin. Harriett, his wife, was aged 20 and described as a servant. We learn that their daughter, Jessie, just I month old, was born in Plymouth.

The couple’s second child, (Hannah) Maud Frizell, was born in the March quarter of 1873 (reference Islington 1b 235) and their first son, Frederick Robert, was born in the March quarter of 1874 (reference Brentford 3a 87. Brentford Registration District covered Ealing.)

On 3 May 1874 Frederick Robert, Hannah Maud, and Jessie Lockhart, were baptised at Christ Church, Ealing. Their parents Frederick and Harriet Frizell were living in Kingston on Thames at the time.

In the June quarter of 1876 Frederick and Harriet’s fourth child, Joseph James Frizell was born (ref. Croydon 2a 237) and on the 3rd of November 1879 Harriet gave birth to a third daughter, Lydia Agnes Harriett Frizell (ref. Camberwell 1d 867). On 11 January 1880 Lydia Agnes Frizell was Baptised at St. Mary’s Church Peckham. In the baptismal register her father is described as a musician and the family is living at 13, Hooks Road, Peckham. At the time, ‘musician’ was sometimes used as a euphemism for an organ grinder.

The 1880s – a death in the family

The 1881 Census was taken in early April. We learn that the family is living at 2, Headly Street, Camberwell and consists of Frederick Frizell, musician, aged 40, born in Ireland, Harriet his wife aged 32, born in Cornwall, Jessie, daughter, aged 13 born in Plymouth, Maud, daughter, aged 9, born in Camberwell, Frederick, son, aged 7, born in Ealing, Joseph, son, aged 6, born in Sutton, Surrey, Robert, son, aged 3, born in Camberwell and Agnes, daughter, aged 1, born in Camberwell.

In the December quarter of 1881 Charles Henry Frizell was born (ref. Camberwell 1d 169). He was christened at Christ Church Folkestone on the 22nd of January 1882. In the March quarter of 1883 Margaret Emily Frizell was born (reference Thanet 2a 953. The Thanet Registration District covered Ramsgate). In the March quarter of 1884 Harriet Lousia Frizell was born (reference Thanet 2a 944) but she sadly died in the March quarter of 1885 aged just 1 (reference Thanet 2a 641). In the June quarter of 1885 Harriet gave birth to another daughter named, like her recently deceased sister, Harriet Selina (reference Thanet 2a 916). On 5 June 1885 Harriet Selina Frizell was baptised at St. Luke’s Church Ramsgate.

In the December quarter of 1886 Percy William Frizell was born (reference Thanet 2a 909) and on the 23rd of March 1887 he was Christened at Ramsgate.

Frederick joins – and is discharged from – the army

On 16 February 1888 Frederick Fenton Frizell aged 14 and 11 months joined the Army. He was posted to the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders, at the Curragh Camp Ireland. He was discharged on 30 April 1889. During his service he was admitted to hospital 7 times, suffering from a variety of aliments including fits and hysterical attacks. Shortly afterwards, in the June quarter of 1889, Frederick’s sister Harriet died, aged just 4 (reference Thanet 2a 479).

The 1890s – signs that the family has fallen on hard times

The 1891 Census revealed that the family now lived at 207 New James Street Peckham, and consisted of Frederick Frizell, head, married, aged 52, a musician born in Dublin, Harriet his wife, aged 41, born in Cornwall, their children Maud, daughter, aged 18, a dress maker born in Islington, Frederick, son, aged 15, a butcher’s boy, born in Ealing, Joseph, son, aged 14, a fruit merchant’s boy, Robert, son, aged 13, a fruit merchant’s boy born in Banstead and Percy, son, aged 5, born in Ramsgate.

However, Agnes Lydia Frizell and Margaret Frizell were in the Girls Village Home for Orphans, Neglected and Destitute Girls in Ilford Essex and Charles, aged 11, was in the East End Juvenile Mission, Mile End Old Town.

In the June quarter of 1893 Maud Hannah Frizell married Frederick Green (reference Camberwell 1d 1471). On 4 February 1895 Joseph James Frizell, born 30 April 1876, enlisted in the Royal Marines. In the December quarter of 1898 Jesse Lockhart Frizell married Charles Alfred Nash, (reference Camberwell 1d 1727). In the March quarter of 1901 Robert Nicolls Frizell married Elizabeth Goodland (reference Camberwell 1d 359).

The 1901 Census

The 1901 Census was taken on 2/3 April it revealed that the family was living at 319 Underhill Road Camberwell. Frederick Frizell was head of the household, married, aged 62, a mason, born in Ireland, Harriet, his wife, aged 50, born in Cornwall, Margaret, daughter, aged 18, a servant born in London, Charles, son, aged19, a general labourer, born in London and Percy, son, aged 15, a messenger born in Ramsgate. Also living there were Frederick and Harriet’s grandchildren, Vernon Green aged 7 and Jessey Green aged 6. We also learn from the census that Jos. Frizell was a Marine serving on HMS Theseus in Malta and Robert his wife Elizabeth and son Ernest aged 11 months were living in Plumstead. Agnes was a servant at 27 Bromar Road in Camberwell.

In the September quarter of 1902 Margaret Frizell married William Allan (reference Camberwell 1d 1651).

Frederick’s health problems – and the death of his father

On 20 April 1903 Frederick, aged 27, was admitted to the Constance Road Workhouse Camberwell. He was described as single and a labourer. His condition on admittance was epilepsy. On 4 May 1903 Frederick discharged himself from the Workhouse.

In the June quarter of 1905 Frederick’s father Frederick F. Frizell died (reference Surrey 2a 158. The Surrey Registration District covered Croydon.)

On 21 July 1905 Percy W Frizell started work as a cleaner at West Croydon Railway Station. In the September quarter of 1905 Charles Henry Frizell married Annie Gregory (reference Croydon 2a 240). On 26 December 1905 Joseph James Frizell married Harriet Isabella Parks at Holy Trinity Church Selhurst (reference Croydon 2a 641). In 1906 Margaret and William Allan and family arrived in Montreal.

Admission to Long Grove and death

On the19th of April 1907 Frederick Frizell 31 was admitted to Lewisham High Street Workhouse and on the 24th of April he was discharged to the Infirmary. The following month, on the 10th of May 1907 Frederick was admitted to the Epsom Epileptic Colony. However, on the 26th of July he was discharged to Long Grove as “not improved “. Sadly, on the 11th of January 1919, Frederick died aged 43 (reference Epsom 2a 63). He is buried in Horton Cemetery, grave number 328b.

Frederick’s mother and siblings – new lives in Canada

Joseph James started work on the 7th of November 1908 at Willow Walk Station Bermondsey. On the 4th of December 1908 Robert and family arrived in Canada. On the 25th of June 1910 Percy, aged 30 and a labourer, sailed from Liverpool bound for Quebec.

The 1911 Census was taken on the 2nd of April, which revealed that Frederick was in the Epsom Epileptic Colony, stated that his mother Harriet was boarding with her daughter Hannah Maud Green and family. Harriet was now aged 62 and a widow, having been married for 42 years. She’d had 12 children, 9 of whom were still alive.

We also learn from the census that Jessie and Charles Nash were living in Catford, and Joseph and his wife Isabell were boarders at 9, Wild Fell Terrace Catford. Agnes was aged 29 and a maternity nurse, boarding in the home of Charles Arthur Lawry, aged 41, a widower.

On 19 May 1911 Joseph sailed from Liverpool bound for Montreal. The 1911 Canadian Census was taken on the1st of June and it revealed that Joseph was staying with his brother Charles who had come to Canada in 1909. They were living in Quebec.

In the December quarter of 1912 Agnes married Charles A. Lawry (ref. Lewisham 1d 2212). On the 25th of February 1914 Joseph’s wife Harriet and their 2 children sailed to Canada and on the19th of December 1914 Percy joined the Canadian Army in Montreal.

Percy married Florence Jackson in the March quarter of 1921 (reference Lewisham 1d 89). On the 31st of August 1932 Charles Lawry died. His wife, Agnes, inherited £8,383, equivalent to £574,000 today.

On the 3rd of July 1947 Robert sadly died on board a ship from Montreal bound for Liverpool and was buried at sea. He was travelling to France to visit the grave of his son Raymond who was killed in Normandy in July 1944.

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