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b.1857 – d.1909

Arthur’s story starts with his Grandfather, Johann Georg Abeltshauser, a Classical Composer in Germany. Found on a classical music website, it states that a piece of music, 12 Quartets, 4 horns, Opus 3 is attributed to his son Ignatius George Abeltshauser, although it sounds the same as Opus 3 by Johann his father.

From the same site it tells the story of Arthur’s father Ignatius George (1805/6-1866) born in Arenberg near Koblenz Germany. Ignatius flees from Germany to Dublin, Ireland after killing a man in a Gentleman’s Duel. (unconfirmed).

Further research finds Johann born c1771, is in the Army and a bandmaster to the Scots Guards stationed in Cork, Ireland at the end of the Napoleonic war. He married Ann Marie Federlin in Germany. Children found to Johann (John) and Ann Marie (Mary), Charles Frederick 1809- 1872 Portsea. Marie Rosalie 1811. A possible John George 1801 this is from an Army transcribed record.

A birth/baptism transcription found on Family search, Ignacius George Abeltshauser 27th August 1806 in Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin. Alsace. French/German border.

Ignatius marries a widow, Catherine Bacon, nee Kennedy. She dies in 1843, having 5 children in 6 years; Catherine Marie (1829), Clementina Anne (1831), Georgina Isabella (1832), Lucinda Elizabeth (1834), Rosalie Angelica (1835). Inquest on death in newspaper article on family tree.

  • 1838- 1839 he attends Trinity College Dublin studying Modern languages.
  • 1842 – 1866 he is a professor of modern languages at Trinity College Dublin.
  • 1847 he is an ordained priest.
  • 19 Mar 1851-18 May 1859 he is a Prebendary of St Audoen’s at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin, Rector of Ananoc County Wicklow.
  • 1859-1866 Vicar of Derrylossary and Glendalough.
  • He also studied Law and becomes a prominent man in Dublin.

18 September 1847 at St Mark in Dublin, Ignatius marries Louisa Jane A Thomas, daughter of Benjamin Thomas, a Solicitor, Attorney to Law.

The couple have 8 children all born in Ireland.

  • John George 1849
  • Frederick Augustus 9th Aug 1850- 3rd Oct 1923 South Australia.
  • Charles William 1852 – unable to find death as infant (later birth of a brother Charles)
  • Louisa Jane 1853-1886. Adelaide, Australia.
  • Gustavus Adolphus 1854-1886, Adelaide, Australia.
  • Charles Edward 1858-1859
  • Sophia A. Arenberg 1861-
  • Arthur William 1857-1909.

Arthur William Abeltshauser was baptised in St Audoen Church of Ireland, Dublin. There are two transcriptions on Irish genealogy both have 26th June, one 1856 the other 1857. Residence 32 Rutland Square Dublin. No mention of surname D’Arenberg.

On 14th May 1866, Arthur’s father Ignatius dies in Dublin. After his death in accordance with his wishes, his widow and all his surviving children assumed in 1871, instead of Abeltshauser the surname of d’Arenberg which was the original family name. source: Article in newspaper The Irish Builder. 1888.

All the surviving children went on to carry D’Arenberg as their surname and the Abeltshauser is dropped after their departure from Ireland.

[UPDATE] Louisa Jane Abeltshauser changes her name officially to D’Arenberg, notification was given in The Times, 21 March 1871. It is also recorded in Phillimore & Fry’s Index to Changes of Name 1760-1901.


The first record found in England is the 1881 Census, 5 Roseford Road, Chelsea, Hammersmith. Head is Louisa D’Arenburg. Widow, Annuitant. Son, Arthur W, 23, Clerk at printing company. Sophia 20.
12th October 1881 Louisa dies.

1885 shows Arthur’s residence as 79, MacFarlane Road, St Stephens, Hammersmith.

1886 sadly both his sister Louisa and brother Gustavus died in Adelaide, Australia.

4 August 1887, Arthur marries Alice Beatrice Bingham at St Luke, Westbourne Park, Paddington. The marriage record shows he lives in Catford. Electoral register shows he is still at 79, MacFarlane Road. It’s possible he moves in 1887.

1888, their first child, a son is born Louis Arthur Bingham D’Arenburg in Catford.


1890 birth of their daughter Olive Beatrice in Catford. Electoral register shows the address as 1 Rutland Park, Lower Sydenham, Lewisham.

1891 Census. Arthur is the head of the household. A Printers Manager. Alice, Louis 2, Olive 1. Mary Price general domestic, Mary Bushel general domestic, now living at 5 Priory Road, Chiswick.

1891 Census (c) Crown

1892 the birth of their 3rd child a daughter Ella Frances in Chiswick.

Baptism of Ella, showing birth 30 Jan 1892

1895 the family have moved again to a larger residence 28 Powis Square, Notting Hill. Kensington. A large 5 storey end of terrace.

1898 shows another move, the family are living at 41 Powis Square the same type of property, again end of terrace, this time on the corner of Powis Terrace and Powis Square.


1901 Census (c) Crown

1901 41, Powis Square, Head of house Arthur, Printer own account, Alice, Louis 12, Olive 11, Ella 9. 2 boarders Thomas Titmas, Ludwig Englisch, 2 servants Eliza Smith, cook and Rosie Smith a housemaid. Arthur lives at 41, Powis Square by the London Electoral Register until 1908.

27th July 1908 Arthur is admitted to Horton Lunatic Asylum.

Admitted 27-Jul-1908 / Discharged 08-Nov-09 / indicated discharge due to Death

8th November 1909, sadly Arthur’s death is recorded in Epsom, Surrey and he is buried in Horton Estate Cemetery, Epsom.

Death certificate shows Arthur’s residence as River View, Littlehampton. It is possible that he was residing there as a boarder as it was believed that sea air helped medically. I have traced a house called River View, 43 Pier Road. 1911 census shows it as a family residence.

Death Certificate of Arthur William D’Arenberg

The death certificate also shows Arthur is a Printer/Publisher and died of General Paralysis of the Insane. GPI.

His wife seems unaffected as she lives until 1955 also the children do not show blindness or defects. I cannot find any children being born and dying as infants, maybe some still births that would not be registered. The 3 children are born at fairly close intervals.

Family Notes

1909, Alice is now recorded in the London Electoral Register at 41 Powis Square.
In the 1911 census she is a Widow living with Olive, 60, Bellevue Road, West Ealing. A French female visitor 19, and a young 2 year old boarder Norman Desmond.
Louis is living with Arthur’s sister Sophia, her son and stepson. Louis is in the Ceylon Police and later the same year he leaves for Ceylon and I cannot find any more records for him.
Ella comes back from Brazil in 1913 a Governess immigration record.
I cannot find her in 1911 or on an emigration passenger list.
1923-1926 Alice is living at 19 Augustine Road, Bedford.
1930, 19, West Kensington Mansions, Fulham.
1939 Register shows Alice living with her widowed daughter Ella both seeking work. Ella’s daughter Kathleen, 23, a Student. Round Oak, Wadhurst, Uckfield, Sussex.
1955 Alice’s Death is registered in Kensington.

Arthur’s sister Louisa marries David Frederick Kelly Esq, 11 November 1876 in Kensal Green and moves to Australia. They have a daughter Margaret 1883 and a son Ignatius George 1886 November. That same year Louisa dies. David comes back to England then returns to Australia marries Arthur’s younger sister Sophia, in Australia 1889. The Forbidden law of marriage to a sister was not changed until an act was passed in 1907, perhaps that is why they married in Australia. David was already ill, so it could have been a marriage of convenience to care for Louisa’s children.
A son David Victor is born to them in 1891, a British diplomat Minister to Switzerland, ambassador to the Soviet Union, Turkey and Argentina. He is later knighted. He later resides in Ireland, twice married.

Sophia remarries 1896 in Ireland, to William Alexander Young and resides in Fulham 1904.

David senior, in 1886 begins to suffer from Locomotor Ataxia and dies in 1894.

His other son by Louisa, Ignatius George marries Arthur William’s youngest daughter Ella Frances in 1919 in Petersfield (1st Cousins). Ignatius dies in a consumption hospital in 1930, Middlesex.

Arthur’s brother Frederick Augustus emigrates to Australia and is a Solicitor, he marries Eva Williams, their daughter Frances Helena, marries Frank Osborn. He is the owner of a winery. Helen as she is known, dies at the birth of their son, who names his winery D’Arenberg in honour of his mother. A very popular Australian wine to the present day.

Arthur’s eldest stepsister Catherine is a Lodging House Keeper in London. She is admitted to the Manor Asylum, Horton, Epsom in 1902. This where she dies and is buried in Epsom Cemetery, Ashley Road. Arthur is Administrator.

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