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RUDKIN, Elizabeth Jane

b.1849 – d.1910 Introduction Sometimes the loose ends of family history research do not tie up neatly and that can leave doubt in mind. As a research subject, Elizabeth leaves some questions unanswered and despite repeated research there remains some doubt. When this research began, a very early clue was the fact that her estate… read more »


b.1844 – d.1910 – Victorian Star of Stage – Mr. Byron PEDLEY was born in Q4 1844, in Chorlton-upon-Medlock in Manchester. (GRO District Chorlton, v20, p237), to John and Mary. Byron had a very successful comedy acting career. He clearly enjoyed causing laughter as a low comedy actor, a dramatic form of popular entertainment without any primary… read more »


b. 1884 – d. 1910 John is something of a mystery. His first mention in the records is at aged 20, with no family connections. Indeed, he was the only person with this surname in the entire record collections [available today]. The full story of John’s life will probably never be known but from the… read more »


b.1878 – d.1917 Alfred Kearney was born in 1878, his birth was registered in the March Q in Camberwell registration district. His mother’s maiden name was WEBB, which I discovered through the Passport Office GRO site. 1880s The 1881 Census shows his family living with his widowed grandmother Mary Webb, a laundress, at 54 Stanton… read more »


b.1840 – d.1908 Between Sep-Oct 1840 Samuel John MINCHER was born in Northamptonshire to Thomas MINCHER (1816-1864) and Mary (1817-1887). His father Thomas was born in Shoreditch, Middlesex, and his mother Mary in Northamptonshire. In the 1841 census the family is living at Union Place in St Margaret, Westminster. Thomas aged 25, is a Glass… read more »

D’ARENBERG, Arthur William

b.1857 – d.1909 Arthur’s story starts with his Grandfather, Johann Georg Abeltshauser, a Classical Composer in Germany. Found on a classical music website, it states that a piece of music, 12 Quartets, 4 horns, Opus 3 is attributed to his son Ignatius George Abeltshauser, although it sounds the same as Opus 3 by Johann his… read more »

FELL, Sachinais Alicia

b.1873 – d.1910 Very little can be found of Sachinais Alicia Fell. The only records showing such a name are the records from the workhouse and asylums. Therefore this could be a false or ‘preferred’ name. Without speculating it is impossible to link Sachinais to any family whatsoever. In fact there are no records for… read more »

COURTENAY, John MacArthur

b.1871-d.1910 John Macarthur Courtenay (Courtnay) was born into a military family on 10th July 1871, in Sheerness, Kent to John and Ann Caroline. His father was a Battery Sergeant Major at the time of John’s Baptism. He had one older sister, Mary Elizabeth Macarthur Courtnay, born in Agra, India. He was baptised at Holy Trinity,… read more »