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    Borough of Epsom and Ewell’s
     Michael Arthur
     David Smith
     Jean Smith 
     Michael Staples
     Jean Steer
     Keith Mann
     Robert Lewis
    Member of Parliament
     Chris Grayling
     Revd. David Fox Branch
     Janice Baker
    Polish Institute
      Dr Andrzej Suchcitz


JAMES, Annie

b.1852 – d.1899 Annie JAMES appears in the Manor burial register (6882/9/2) as case number 1. As far as anyone is aware Annie was the very first burial at Horton cemetery upon opening. We have not yet found any reference to a burial plot. I expect to find much more information on Annie once I… read more »

MUNDAY, Mary Ann

b.~1840 – d.1910 The only thing we can be sure of with Mary Ann, is that her life came to an end at Long Grove Asylum on 13 March 1910, aged 70. She was buried 5 days later on 18 March 1910, in Horton Cemetery, in an unmarked grave known as #713b. From the lunacy… read more »

FELL, Sachinais Alicia

b.1873 – d.1910 Very little can be found of Sachinais Alicia Fell. The only records showing such a name are the records from the workhouse and asylums. Therefore this could be a false or ‘preferred’ name. Without speculating it is impossible to link Sachinais to any family whatsoever. In fact there are no records for… read more »