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(The Horton Cemetery Burials record had mis-transcribed the name as “Vanderpont “, and had no Christian names.)

Margaret’s parents and siblings

On 3 September 1893 John Walter Vanderpant, a bachelor aged 33 (born 1860) working as a cabman, married Emily Giles, aged 29 (born 1864) and a widow at St. Andrews Church Fulham. Their address was 37 Bramley Road.

Their daughter Margaret Lucy Vanderpant was born on 14 August 1896 [September quarter Fulham 1a 330].

She was baptised on 31 October 1896 at St. Andrews Church, West Kensington. According to her baptismal record her parents were John Walter Vanderpant a cab driver, and Emily.

Walter John Vanderpant was born in the December quarter of 1898 [Fulham 1a 276]. He died aged 2 in the December quarter of 1900 [Fulham 1a 203].

In the 1901 Census at 43 Dymock Street Fulham were,

John (Walter) Vanderpant, head, age 41, cab driver, born Hammersmith

Emily, his wife, age 36, born Fulham and their children:

Emily, age 16, house maid, born Putney

Harry, age 14, born Fulham

Minnie, age 6, born North Kensington

Margaret, age 4, born North Kensington

Five other people were living in the house

Emily and Harry were Emily’s children from her first marriage to Henry Melanethon Giles. (Melanethon has been mis transcribed in several records.)

Emily was born in the March quarter 1886 [ Wandsworth 1d 798]. Putney was covered by the Wandsworth Registrtion District.

Harry was born in the March quarter 1888 [ Fulham 1a 318]

Minnie Mary A. was born on 29 July 1894 [September quarter Fulham 1a 317]

Minnie Mary Ann was Baptised on 27 March 1895 at St. Andrews church West Kensington.

John Robert Vanderpant was born in the September quarter 1904 [Fulham 1a 378]

On 2 November 1904 John Robert Vanderpant was baptised at St. Matthews church Fulham, father Jack Walter, mother Emily of 34 Dymock Street.

Margaret’s father in court

John Walter Vanderpant was in Court on 2 December 1904. He was charged with being drunk and was fined 40 shillings or one month in prison. He had been found drunk in August. The Judge said it was his last chance, saying “I will take away your licence”.

In the Census of 1911 the family were still at 34 Dymock Street. Present were,

John Walter Vanderpant, head, age 50, cab driver, born Hammersmith

Emily, his wife, age 48, born Fulham, and their children,

Margaret, age 14, born West Kensington and John, age 6, born Fulham.

John and Emily had been married for 19 years, 7 children were born alive, 5 were still alive.

Margaret’s father in court again

John Walter Vanderpant was in Court on 21 August 1914. He was found guilty of being in charge of a horse and hackney whilst drunk. He was fined 7 shillings and six pence.

Margaret’s sister Minnie married James Alexander Ross on 12 November 1914. Margaret was a witness.

Margaret’s mental health problems

In the 1921 Census there is an entry for ”Margaret Vandergrant, born 1896, Fulham, living in Brentwood”. She was described as “a patient” at the Essex County Lunatic Asylum which opened in Brentwood in 1853. In 1920 it was renamed Brentwood Mental Hospital. In 1953 it was renamed The Warley Hospital. It closed in 2001.

Margaret’s mother, Emily, died aged 58, in the March quarter 1923 [Fulham 1a 356]

Margaret’s father in court again

On 23 October 1925 an article in the Fulham Chronicle said that John Walter Vanderpant was summoned to Court over payments to his son John Robert. John Walter offered to pay 2 shillings and 6 pence a week. He earned about 10 shillings a week as a cab driver. The magistrate ordered for him to pay 2 shillings and 6 pence a week with 4 shillings costs. The next article concerned payments to Guardians for people’s maintenance.

Margaret’s father John Walter age 67, married Charlotte Guilliam, age 35, in the March quarter 1927 [Fulham 1a 559].

Margaret in Long Grove

I was unable to find a record of when Margaret was admitted to Long Grove Asylum.

In the 1939 Register Margaret Vanderpant was a patient in Long Grove Hospital, Horton Lane, Epsom. She was “born 1896” and described as “single” and “lunatic”.

Margaret’s father, John Walter, died aged 76 in the March quarter 1941 [Fulham 1a 449].

Margaret Lucy Vanderpant died aged 48 in the March quarter 1944 [Surrey Mid Eastern 2a –

510]. She was buried on the 9 March 1944 in Horton Estate Cemetery, Epsom.

In 2008 BBC News had an item about 42 women typhoid carriers who were kept in Long Grove Asylum between 1907 and 1992. One was named as “Margaret Vanderpant”.

Margaret’s stepmother, Charlotte

Her stepmother Charlotte Rebecca Guilliam was born in the December quarter 1892 [Paddington 1a 4]. She was baptised on 11 September 1892 at St. James Norlands, Kensington.

In the 1911 Census at 61 St. Charles Square North Kensington “A House for Fallen Women” were Charlotte and her son: Charlotte Rebecca Guilliam, age 15, single, had I child still living, Charles Guilliam age I month.

In the 1939 Register at Darenth Park Hospital Dartford, a Mental Asylum, her son was a patient: Charles Guilliam, Patient, born 24 February, 1911 single, ”detained under the Mental Deficiency Act”.

On 9 September 1960 a newspaper article reported that Charlotte Vanderpant, living at 34 Dymock Street, was caught stealing groceries worth 7 shillings. She said she lived on £3 and 2 shillings a week. Her nerves were bad, and she had arthritis.

Margaret’s stepmother Charlotte, born 1893, died aged 73, on 18 January 1966. [March quarter 1966 Surrey Mid Eastern 5g-18]. The Surrey Mid Eastern Registration District covered the Epsom area.

The Death Certificate gave the place of death as “One Hundred Acres”. This was the home of Banstead Hospital. It was established in 1877 as the Middlesex County Lunatic Asylum. Between 1918 and 1937 it was known as Banstead Mental Hospital. It closed in 1986.

Margaret’s father John Walter and Charlotte had 3 children, two of whom were named after the children of his first marriage: Margaret L. Vanderpant was born in the September quarter 1927 [Marylebone 1a 642] and John R. Vanderpant was born in the March quarter of 1929 [Fulham 1a 427].


From Barry Vanderpant

My name is Barry Vanderpant the grandson of Charlotte Rebecca Vanderpant. I knew that my next-door neighbour Tony McGarry was very interested in family history, so I asked him if he would research my father’s family. He readily agreed.

During his research he discovered that two of my relatives had been in asylums in Epsom. My grandfather’s daughter, from his first marriage, Margaret Lucy Vanderpant had been in Long Grove Asylum and had been buried in Horton cemetery. Tony told me that by coincidence he was a researcher on the Horton Cemetery project.

I am grateful to the Friends of Horton Cemetery for bringing to life the stories of those unfortunate forgotten people resting in Horton cemetery.

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