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Henry’s father

Henry’s father, Henry Bentinck Coathupe was born in 1832, at Westbury, Gloucestershire. Westbury was a suburb of Bristol.

He was Christened on 7 March 1832 in Westbury. In July 1850 he enlisted in the 72nd Regiment (The Seaforth Highlanders), and in 1855 served in the Crimean War. In December 1860 he retired from the Army as a Captain.

Henry’s father’s first wife – and his adultery

In the 1863 Register of Electors his address was 1 Abingdon Terrace Kensington. On 25 February 1863 he married Caroline Day Bush at Christchurch, Clifton, Gloucestershire. His profession was “Esquire” and his address was Kensington, reference March quarter Clifton 6a 208.

On 14 November 1863 Caroline filed for divorce alleging adultery of Henry with Marion Mathews in Earls Court. In June 1864 Caroline failed to appear in court for the hearing and the case was struck off.

Henry and his brother Bentinck

In the December Quarter of 1866 Bentinck Marion Lacey Coathupe was born, reference St Giles 1b 479. His parents were Henry Bentinck Coathupe and Marion Lacey.

Henry Waldegrave was born in the December Quarter of 1869, (2 October) reference St George Hanover Square 1a 317. His parents were Henry Bentinck Coathupe and Marion Lacey.

The 1870 Post Office London Directory had Capt. Henry Bentinck Coathupe living at 6 Pier Terrace, Grosvenor Road Pimlico.

On 2 April 1871 Henry Waldegrave Lacy Coathupe was baptised at Holy Trinity church Vauxhall Bridge Road, his parents were Henry Bentinck Coathupe, a merchant, and Marion Lacy of 6 Pier Terrace Grosvenor Road.

The 1871 Census

The 1871 Census was taken on 2 April. At 6 Pier Terrace Grosvenor Road Pimlico were Henry Bentinck Coathupe, head of the household, 39, merchant born Westbury. Also present were, Marion Lacy Coathupe, wife, 27, born Woolwich, and their sons Bentinck Coathupe, 4, born Bloomsbury, and Henry Waldegrave Lacey Coathupe, 1. Also present were 2 visitors and 2 servants.

Also in the 1871 Census was Caroline Day Coathupe, 32, married, living with her brother Robert Bush, head of the house hold at 10 Carlton Place Clifton Gloucestershire.

Henry’s sister Amy

In the March Quarter of 1872 Amy Elizabeth Coathupe was born, reference St George’s Hanover Square 1a 350.

Caroline’s petition for divorce

On 10 March 1874 Caroline filed for divorce. The grounds were Henry’s desertion and adultery with Marion Mathews otherwise Marion Lacy. In her petition Caroline stated that following their marriage they lived in Kensington, Bloomsbury and Regents Park. There was no issue from their marriage.

Between October 1870 and January 1871 Henry frequently visited Marion Mathews otherwise Marion Lacy in Chelsea and committed adultery. From January 1871 to March 1874 Henry lived with Marion Mathews and committed adultery with her.

The Decree Nisi was granted on 30 March 1874 and the Final Decree was granted on 26 May 1875.

Henry’s marriage to Marion

In the September Quarter of 1875 Henry married Marion Lacy, reference Fulham 1a 297

In the June Quarter of 1876 George William Hammond Coathupe was born, reference Fulham 1a 263.

On 23 July 1876 George William Hammond was baptised on 23 July 1876 at St James Church Fulham, his parents were Henry, a merchant, and Marion.

George William Hammond died in the September quarter of 1876, reference Fulham 1a 167

On 14 May 1879 Amy Elizabeth Lacy Coathupe was baptised at St. Peters Church West Dulwich. The parents were Henry Bentinck Coathupe, a retired Captain and Marion Coathupe of 137 Upper Kennington Lane, Kennington.

The 1881 Census – and the death of Henry’s mother

In the 1881 Census the family were still at 137 Upper Kennington Lane Lambeth. The occupants were, Henry B. Coathupe head, 49 a mortgage broker and surveyor, Marion L. his wife 37, and their children

Bentinck M. L. 14 scholar

Henry W. L. 10 scholar

Amy E. 9 scholar, and

John Coathupe, brother, Master Mariner.

Also in the 1881 Census was Caroline Day living at 30 Harley Street W1. She is now known as Caroline Day Day, head of the household, 43, divorced, a landlady, born Clifton, Gloucestershire.

Henry’s mother Marion Coathupe died in the December quarter of 1890, reference Lambeth 1d 320.

The 1891 Census – and the death of Henry’s father

In the 1891 Census the family were at 84 Upper Kennington Lane, Kennington.The occupants were Henry B. Coathupe (mis-transcribed as Coatherpe), head, 59, widower, civil engineer, surveyor and press writer, and his children

Henry Waldegrave Coathupe, 21, single, no occupation

Amy Elizabeth Coathupe, 19, no occupation, and 2 lodgers.

On 4 January 1900 Henry Bentinck Coathupe died age 67, reference March quarter Pancras 1b 56.

The National Probate Calender of 1900 said that Henry Bentinck Coathupe of 11

Calthorpe Street Grays In Road a retired Captain of the 72nd Highlanders, died 4 January 1900, probate London 6 March to Amy Elizabeth Coathupe spinster £66 -15s.

The Workhouse – and admission to Long Grove

On 2 August 1900 Henry Coathupe was admitted to the Workhouse at City Road Holborn. He was discharged on 2 August to the Archway Road Infirmary Highgate.

In the 1901 Census Henry Coathupe (mis-transcribed as Coatlupe) was living at 6 Charlotte Street Southwark, a boarding House. He was 32, born 1896 in Chelsea, he was an assistant in a bake house.

On 6 March 1902 Henry Waldegrave Coathupe was admitted to St George’s Work House, Mint Street, Southwark. He was a hotel porter born in 1869. He declined to stay and was discharged the same day.

On 27 April 1905 Henry’s sister Amy Elizabeth Coathupe of St Michaels Place, Brighton, enrolled as a Midwife.

On 6 February 1911 Henry Waldegrave L. Coathupe was admitted to Long Grove Hospital (entry marked “private 12 May 1911”).

Henry’s death

On 12 June 1912 Caroline Day of 30 Harley Street W1 died leaving an estate of £13,716, the equivalent of £1.6 million today. She went under the name of Caroline Day Day.

On 10 January 1918 Henry died age 48 in Long Grove Hospital, reference March quarter Epsom 2a 65. He was buried in Horton cemetery on 10 January 1918.

Henry’s family after his death

In the December quarter of 1920 Henry’s brother Bentinck Coathupe married Edith M. Sharman, reference Marylebone 1a 1618

The National Probate Calendar for 1921, showed that Amy Elizabeth Coathupe of Sackville Gardens Hove, a spinster, died 10 February 1921 at Brighton, Administration, London on 13 April. She left £231 to Bentinck Coathupe, a Gentleman.

The 1954 National Probate Calendar showed that Bentinck Coathupe of Cleveland Road Torquay died on 30 May 1954 at Newton Abbot Hospital, probate London 28 June. He left £1405 to Edith May widow. £1405 in 1954 would be equivalent to £27,700 today.

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