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Julia was an Asylum Patient who died and was then buried in the Horton Estate Cemetery, on the 8th July 1915. Her age was stated as 41 years.

There is no birth record in National Indexes close to 1874 to indicate a birth of a person of this name and age. However, in the 1911 Census, whilst Julia was at Horton Asylum, she is shown as aged 37. She is married and her occupation is a charwoman. No birthplace is shown.

With the information that Julia was married, a search of the National Marriage register reveals a marriage, between a male with surname Hope and a spouse with first name Julia, as taking place in the 2nd Quarter 1895 in the Lambeth District. We can also find online a copy of the church marriage certificate. The marriage took place in St Jude’s Church in the Parish of East Brixton on the 21st May 1895,

Stanley Halliburton Hope, 22 Bachelor, Occupation: Glass (?), Father, John Hope deceased
Julia Stocker, 21, Spinster, No Occupation. Father, John Stocker, deceased.
Witnesses: E Clarke and James Bailey


To further confuse matters, the birth record for Stanley shows that his real surname was Halliburton and his first names were Stanley Hope. He was born in the 4th Qtr of 1872 in St. Saviour District in Southwark, under the name of Stanley Hope Halliburton. Despite this, he is shown as Stanley Hope ever after until he died in 1960 aged 87 in Lambeth, when his death entry reverts to the name Stanley H Halliburton.

By searching the previous Census in the year 1901, Julia and her family can be found and the detail of the entry is as follows:

In 1901, they are living at 18 Wandsworth Road, Lambeth
Stanley Hope, Head, married, age 30, General labourer, born Honiton, Devon

Julia Hope, Wife, married, age 29, no occupation, born N. K. England
Violet Hope, daughter, 5, born Lambeth
Alfred Hope, 3, born Lambeth

We will come back later to look at the parents of Stanley and Julia because it seems apparent that the birthplaces of Stanley and Julia are wrong. However, first let us explore the children from the marriage.

The General Register Office shows there are, in fact, seven, born between 1896 and 1905. Of these, only three of them survived beyond age 3. All the children were born in the District of Lambeth and it was in the same District that the deaths of the children who died were registered. The Maiden Name of the Mother is recorded in all the birth entries as being “Stocker”.

Stanley Halliburton Hope, 1st Qtr 1896. Died 4th Qtr 1899, age 3.
Violet Hope, 4th Qtr 1897.
Alfred Hope, 3rd Qtr 1899.
Annie Hope, 1st Qtr 1901. Died 1st Qtr 1901, age 0.
Frances Hope, 3rd Qtr 1902.
Edward Hope, 3rd Qtr 1903. Died 4th Qtr 1903, age 0.
Annie Halliburton Hope, 1st Qtr 1905. Died 1st Qtr 1905, age 0.

Clearly, this whole time was a period of joy and despair. Both Stanley and Julia had admissions to the Lambeth Workhouses, although it is likely that at least some were to the Infirmary relating to the birth of the children, but there are other visits as well.


Julia first appears in the records in 1899. She is shown as aged 28, her occupation being added as “charing”, being admitted 5/5/1899 to Lambeth Princes Road Workhouse. The following day, she is discharged at her own request and husband Stanley is listed with her.

She is readmitted to the same Workhouse on 20/11/1899, with her son, Alfred, aged 2 months. Julia’s year of birth shown as 1871. They did not stay in Princes Road for long as on that same day they are moved on to the Renfrew Road Workhouse. A discharge record from there was not found.

The next record is an entry 21/1/1901 when Julia Hope, age 28, is admitted to the Lambeth Infirmary. Her address is shown as 116 Wandsworth Road. Her husband, Stanley is shown as being at that address. Julia is discharged from the Infirmary on 13/2/1901 at her request and she returns to her husband in Wandsworth Road. It is likely her presence at the Infirmary in this period is related to the birth and death of her daughter, Annie.

Later in the year, 15/10/1901, although there is no previous admission entry found, there is a discharge record of Julia Hope, aged 29, being discharged from the Lambeth Infirmary. It is noted therein that Julia has two children in Norwood Schools.

On 1/9/1903 in a list of paupers admitted to Renfrew Road, Lambeth Workhouse we find Julia Hope, aged 31, admitted from 114 Wandsworth Road. This event could perhaps be in some way related to the birth of her daughter, Frances, who was born in the 3rd quarter of that year.

On 11/11/1904 there is a discharge document showing Stanley 32, Julia 31, Violet 7, and Alfred, 5, all being discharged ‘at own request’ from Princes Road Lambeth Workhouse. However, on 15/11/1904 there is a further discharge record for Julia, aged 31, in a list of paupers at Renfrew Road Workhouse. This item says Julia has one child and has been discharged to husband at 67 Meadow Road.

We know that Julia Hope was in the Lambeth Infirmary again either at the end of 1904 or early in 1905 as we have a listing of births in the Lambeth Infirmary in January 1905 and this shows a birth of a female child on 5/1/1905 (apparently at 9.40am), where the parents are Stanley and Julia Hope (formerly Stocker).

For most of 1904 Julia would have been pregnant as this child must have been daughter Annie Halliburton Hope, who was born in the 1st quarter of 1905. Annie sadly did not survive.


This last event seems to be too much for Julia. We find from the Register that on the 13th January 1905 Julia was discharged from Lambeth Infirmary and admitted into the Horton Asylum at Epsom. This record was subsequently updated to show that Julia died on the 2nd July 1915.

It seems that Julia probably remained in the Asylum for the last 10 years of her life. That is from 1905 to 1915. However Julia is listed in the burial record as having been in Manor Asylum when she died.


Julia Hope 3rd Qtr 1915 Epsom Volume 2a Page 42. Age at death 41.


All information available since her marriage would place Julia’s birth year in the range of 1871-1874. Nowhere since her marriage is her place of birth shown. The 1901 census shows “not known”. We know from her marriage record that in 1895 her father was John Stocker, deceased. There is no registration entry for a child by the name of Julia Stocker in the 1871-1874 range in the General Register Office(GRO).

However, widening the search we do find a Julia Stocker born in the 3rd Quarter 1867 in Honiton, Devon. Her mother’s maiden name is Dymond. We find that Julia is living in Silver Street, Honiton, in the 1871 census, aged 4, with her father, a John Stocker. This must be our Julia.

John Stocker had married Mary Ann Dimond in the 1st quarter of 1857. There has clearly been an error in the 1891 census and it was Julia born in Honiton and not Stanley. There is no registration for a child named Stanley Hope in the GRO in Honiton between 1860-1880.

There is perhaps another significant record. In the 1881 Census, when the family have moved to 38 Riverhall Street, Lambeth, her father, John, is not there. Julia’s mother is the Head of the family and she is shown as a widow.

Now in this 1881 census, Julia is listed as aged 10 but she was actually 14. Ever since that census, her age seems to be based on a birth year in the 1871-1874 range. Did this apparent error in this census in 1881 lead to her birth age being consistently wrong thereafter?

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