SHC Records

Friends of Horton Cemetery have acquired many records from the Surrey History Centre for our research. The most valuable being the case notes. If your subject is found the case notes will give you a valuable insight in to the last years of their lives, and if you’re really lucky, a photo!

Please check the INDEX we have put together, but remember a name alone may not be the right person, many people have duplicate names, also check the dates match, occupations, and more.

INDEX of SHC Records to date

If you find a record of interest then please send us a message via WhatsApp group or email (or any method you are used to) and we will dig out what it contains and send it to you for you to pick and choose what is of relevance and enhances your story.

Examples of what to expect;

Case Notes; often the best resource

  • Confirmation of Names, Date admitted, Age on admittance, previous asylum, name/address of relative, observations on admittance, sometimes a family member statement, family history, health check, diagnosis,
  • sometimes a statement of death
  • case notes usually from quarterly checks

Registers of Burials/Internments/etc…

  • Grave #, Asylum, name of Patient, Age at death, Date of burial

Address Books

A very valuable resource of family members which can break a story open! These are numbered to match the case numbers from the case books, so are a good source to double check a hard to read name. I.e. Manor Male Case book Case #4 will refer to Manor male address book case #4.

  • Case #
  • Name
  • Hand written note of previous? asylum
  • Whether they Died/Discharged
  • Dates of visits
  • Relationship, Names, Address

Post Mortem Register

  • Name, Age, Occupation
  • Date of Death
  • Post Mortem report