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Archibald’s parents

Archibald’s parents were Henry John Greene and Elizabeth Julia née Mitchell. They were

married on 17 July 1873 at St. George the Martyr church, Battersea. He was 37, born in1836, and

she was 28, born in 1845. Their address was 45 Philip Street.

Archibald’s birth was registered in the March quarter of 1877, reference Wandsworth 1d 655.

The Wandsworth Registration District covered Battersea.

The 1880s

In the Census of 1881, living at 3 John’s Place, Stockwell, were Henry J. Greene, head of the

household age 43, a general dealer born Ireland, his wife Elizabeth age 36 born Tenterden

Kent, and their children:

William age 11 (born about 1870) scholar born Middlesex

Herbert age 8 scholar born Middlesex

Florence age 6 scholar born Surrey

Maude age 5 scholar born Surrey

Albert age 3 scholar born Surrey

Frank age 1 born Surrey

I could not find Archibald in the 1881 Census.

The death of Archibald’s father, Henry John Greene, was registered in the December quarter of

1889, reference Lambeth 1d 302.

The 1890s

In the 1891 Census living at 16, Geneva Terrace, Brixton, were Elizabeth Green, head of the household, widow, age 43, a laundress born Kent. Her children, all male, were identified by initials, they were:

H. (Herbert) age 19 a gardener born London

A. (Archibald) age 14 no occupation born Battersea,

F. (Frank) age 11 scholar born Battersea,

A. (Albert) age 9 scholar born Brixton.

Geneva Street Brixton is approximately 1 mile from John’s Place Stockwell.

The 1901 Census was taken on the night of the 31st of March. The family were still at 16, Geneva

Terrace, Brixton. Present were Elizabeth Green, head, widow age 56, boarding house keeper,

born Tenterden, and her children,

Archibald age 24 carver at restaurant,

Frank age 22 labourer,

Victor age 19 clerk,

Maud age 25 waitress

Albert age 5.

All were born in Battersea apart from Albert who was born in Brixton.

Also present were 6 boarders.

The 1900s

Archibald ‘s marriage to Mary Jane Trussler was registered in the June quarter of 1901, reference

Lambeth 1d 813.

On 9 February 1908 their first child, Kathleen May Greene, was baptised at All Saints Church,

Wandsworth. She was born on 2 December 1907. Her parents were Archibald, a carver, and

Mary Jane. They lived at 7, Bankton Road, Brixton.

In July 2016 the house sold for £1.2 million.

The birth of Marjorie Ruth Greene was registered in the June quarter of 1910, reference St.

Giles 1b 540. The St. Giles Registration District covered Bloomsbury.

The 1911 Census

In the 1911 Census, living at The Lodge, Upper Tooting Park, were Archibald Greene, head ,age 34,

caretaker and window cleaner, born Battersea, Mary his wife, age 31, born Brasted Kent, and

their 2 daughters, Kathleen age 3 and Marjorie 11 months old. Both were born in Bloomsbury.

Archibald and Mary had been married for 10 years and had 2 children born alive.

In the 1911 Census at 16, Geneva Terrace,, Brixton were Julia Elizabeth Greene head age 66

boarding house keeper, born Tenterden, her grandson Albert Victor Greene,, age 16 born Brixton

and 5 male lodgers.

She had 10 children born alive, 6 were still alive.

Long Grove and death

In 1918 Archibald died in Long Grove Asylum and was buried in Horton cemetery on 18 April

1918. The Lunacy Patients Admission Registers cover the period 1846 -1912. There is no

record of him being admitted prior to 1912.

His death was registered in the March quarter 1918, reference Epsom 2a 103.

Mary Jane after Archibald’s death

In the June quarter of 1918 Mary J. Greene, his widow, married Bernard O’Dowd, reference

Lambeth 1d 641.

Bernard O’Dowd died on 2 November 1930 and his widow Mary Jane inherited £564.

In 1945 Archibald’s mother, Elizabeth Julia Greene died age 100 in Horton Emergency Hospital.

She was buried in Epsom cemetery, plot 0434, on 27 June 1945.

Epsom cemetery is 2.5 miles from Horton cemetery.

Mary J. O’Dowd’s death age 69, was registered in the December quarter 1949, reference S.W.

Essex 5a 351.

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