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b.1885 – d.1906

Minnie’s birth was registered in the 1st Quarter of 1885 in the District of Fulham. She was born on the 11th January at her parent’s home at 54 Station Road, Shepherds Bush.


The General Register Office (GRO) shows her mother’s maiden name was NIND. With that information we can trace the marriage of her parents which occurred in the 2nd Quarter 1884 in the Registration District of Kensington. The marriage actually took place at the Parish Church of St James, Norlands, Kensington on the 22nd June 1884.

Charles Albert Judd, 20, bachelor, Bricklayer. Father William Robert Judd, also a bricklayer
Ada Nind, 17, spinster, no occupation shown. Father Charles Nind, a Butcher. (Shown as Cattle Dealer in 1891 census)

The residence of Charles Judd is shown as 16 Kennilworth Street with Ada living possibly next door at 17 Kennilworth Street. The official witnesses to the wedding were a Walter Francis Richardson and a Jane Ellens.


Minnie was their first child although they did go on to have another 8 children consisting of 5 boys and 3 more girls. The births of all these children were recorded in the Fulham Registration District in the name of Judd and with a mother’s maiden name of Nind.

  • 1887 Charles Frederick
  • 1889 Alfred William
  • 1891 Helena Ada
  • 1893 Mable Annie
  • 1895 Albert Leonard
  • 1898 William
  • 1900 Constance
  • 1905 Edward Victor

1891 CENSUS ON THE 5th APRIL – In this Census at 4 Rankin Street, Hammersmith

  • Charles Judd, head, married, 26, Bricklayer, born Hammersmith
  • Ada Judd, wife, married, 23, no occupation, born Hammersmith
  • Charles Judd, son, 4, born Hammersmith
  • Alfred Judd, son, 1, born Hammersmith
1891 census, 4 Rankin Street, Hammersmith

But no Minnie!

The reason for this is that on the night of the census Minnie was staying as a visitor at 2 The Elms, Acton, Middlesex, with Minnie’s grandparents. The census recorded who was in the house ‘at the time it was taken’ not who lived at the house, hence why people could be missing either through work or just because they went for a walk.

1891 census, 2, The Elms
  • Charles Nind, head, married, 54, Cattle Dealer, born Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
  • Martha Nind, wife, married, 54, no occupation, born Farringdon, Berkshire
  • Charles Nind, son, single, 26, Cattle Dealer, born Kilburn, Middlesex
  • Minnie Judd, visitor, single, 6, scholar, born Shepherds Bush, Middlesex

1901 CENSUS ON THE 31st MARCH – In this Census at 8 Kinnear Street, Hammersmith. All listed as being born at Hammersmith

  • Charles Judd, head, married, 36. Bricklayer
  • Ada Judd, wife, married, 33,
  • Charles Judd, son, 14, Telegraph Messenger
  • Alfred Judd, son, 11,
  • Helena Judd, daughter, 9
  • Mabel Judd, daughter, 7
  • Albert Judd, son, 5
  • William Judd, son, 2
  • Constance Judd, daughter, 1

Yet again no Minnie!

This time it is because she is in employment. She is living at 48 St Peterburg Place in Paddington.

  • Henrietta Grassett, head, single, 50, living on own means, born Boxwell, Gloucestershire
  • Minnie Judd, servant, single, 16, Domestic Worker, born Shepherds Bush, Middlesex


This is a tragic year for Minnie. Having seen her in employment in 1901 it is with sadness the next information we can find is an entry in the UK Lunacy Patient Admission Register as follows.

  • Admission Number: 38631
  • Name: Minnie Mary Ann Judd
  • Date of Admission: 23 November 1906
  • Asylum: Horton
  • Date of Death: 17 December 1906

Horton Asylum was opened in 1902 and was one of a group of 5 Asylums in Epsom, Surrey opened by the London County Council.

Minnie’s death certificate confirms her death on the 17th December at Horton Asylum. The cause of her death is shown as “General Tuberculosis”, she was just 21 years of age. Her death was registered in the Epsom District and she was buried in the Horton Estate Cemetery on the 20th December 1906 in Grave numbered 922.

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