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rvac Archives - Page 3 of 4 - Friends of Horton Cemetery

Epsom Cluster #4


b. 1887 – d. 1910 On 26 September 1870 Hanrich Frederick Ferdinand Schmidt married Sophia Hutchings at Christ Church, Somers Town, Pancras. Ferdinand, the name he seems to have used, had been born in Celle, Hanover and had arrived in London at some time after 1861 as he does not appear in the census for… read more »


b.1867 – d.1918 Intro. According to Poor Law Removal and Settlement records, Edward Maidment, aged 46 and described as ‘lunatic’ was, on the 25th of April, 1914, resident at Long Grove. Underneath his name, is written “properly Maidman, Edwin Albert”. As we will see, Edward’s change of name had occurred many years before, probably as… read more »

STAFFORD, Henry Alfred

b.1864 – d.1918 Henry Alfred Stafford was born in Holborn in the third quarter of 1864 to George Richard Stafford, aged 28, and his wife Emma (née Nichols), aged 27. George, a bootmaker, was the son of George Stafford, a pianoforte maker, and his wife Jane (née Clee). Emma was the daughter of Samuel Nichols,… read more »

MASTIN, Alfred

b.1864 – d.1909 Alfred was born in September 1864 in Bethnal Green, to William age 34 and Mary age 33, her maiden name was Haddon. Alfred had 2 older brothers and 2 sisters. In the 1860’s Bethnal Green was mainly full of tumbledown old buildings with many families living in each house. By the end… read more »

BROOK, Herbert

b. 1864 – d.1909 Herbert was born 10 April 1864; their address was 1 Sparkes Cottage, Graham Street West, St. George, Hanover Square, London. His father was James Joseph Brooks age 37, James was a police constable and his mother Ellen was also 37. Ellen was born in Clayton, Suffolk, her maiden name was Fenn…. read more »

BELL, Herbert John

b.1855 – d.1909 Herbert John BELL was buried in Horton Cemetery on 18th June 1909. According to the Lunacy Patients Admission Register he had been admitted to Horton Asylum on 8th October 1904 and died there on the 14th June 1909. He was admitted as a pauper but a note against the entry in the… read more »

FUZZENS, William

b.1875 – d.1915 Intro The wider Fuzzens family are well-established in Windsor, particularly, and one member was the first Labour Mayor of the town. There is a Fuzzens Walk in the centre and a blue plaque to local historian Fred Fuzzens (1921-1995). A Fuzzens family tree on Ancestry suggests that his mother was born in… read more »

BEADON, Walter

b.~1871 – d.1915 The story of Walter Beadon is among the saddest of the many troubled souls who ended their days at Long Grove Hospital and subsequently received a pauper’s burial and grave in Horton Cemetery, Epsom. Until now a forgotten man in a forgotten cemetery. It is also a story that brings sharp focus… read more »


b.1913 – d.1948 Intro Josef’s story has been compiled by FOHC researcher, MOD records and information provided by Josef’s son. Early Years Josef was born in Krzyzowa, Kraków, Poland on 11 February 1913, to parents Wojciech and Anna (nee Slowik). Before joining the army Josef was a clerk at the Craft Guild. War Years Josef… read more »

FRESTON nee EDWARDS, Catherine Louisa

b. 1829 – d. 1914 Intro Catherine Louisa Edward’s precise date of birth is not known but she was baptised on the 24th August 1829 in Stroud, Gloucestershire. It is likely her birth year was also 1829. Her parents were George Edwards and Sarah Sophia. 1840s On the 16th May 1848 Catherine Louisa Edwards married… read more »


b. 1848 – d. 1909 1840s Martha Sarah Agatha Waters was baptised at St Mary’s Church, Ewell on the 26th March 1848. She was the daughter of Thomas Waters, a carrier, and his wife Elizabeth. 1850s The 1851 census showed the family living in Green Man Street in Ewell (now the High Street). Thomas was… read more »

KENT, Edward John

b. 1875 – d. 1917 Working from the Long Grove record of Edward’s death in 1917, we found his birth in the March quarter of 1875 and his mother’s maiden name was Bone. He was baptised at St Giles, Camberwell. 1880s In 1881 the family were living  at 19 Mosedale Street Camberwell. His father Edward… read more »

MEAD nee GROVER, Daisy

b. 1878 – d. 1914 Intro Daisy was living in the Manor Asylum when she died. She was said to be 35 years of age at death on the 12th October 1914. She was buried in the Horton Estate Cemetery on the 16/10/1914. If this age of 35 is correct this would make her birth… read more »

SEARS, Albert

b. 1889- d. 1910 1880s Albert William Sears was born on 1 February 1889 in Hoxton, Shoreditch to Alfred Seers (born in Bristol about 1845 according to his 1881 Census data when his trade is given as Marble Polisher) and Eliza Smith (born in Shoreditch about 1853 according to her 1881 Census data.) From the… read more »

BOARD, Elizabeth

b. 1878 – d.1910 Marriage The first glimpse we get of Elizabeth Board nee. Couse is in 1900 when she marries Arthur Edward Board (Bachelor) on the 3rd November at St Agnes church in Newington. The certificate shows she was 22 years old and her full name was Elizabeth Lillie Couse (spinster). Her father is… read more »

BROWN, Alfred Albert

b.1875 – d. 1910 This is a story that will require revisiting once we can obtain more information from the non-digitised Asylum records which may name family members or previous addresses. Assumptions could be made but are not going to be made here until evidence can be provided. From the evidence we have available today,… read more »

STIDDIFORD (Stideford), Edith

b.1883 – d.1917 The parents of Edith Stideford, Nicholas and Elizabeth (nee Lovell), were both born in Devon and were married in Devon in the December Q of 1863. (Nicholas may have been married before in Devon, perhaps in the December Q of 1847.) In the 1881 Census they were living at 16 Dante Road,… read more »

MUNDY, George (Baby)

b.1909 – d.1909 Although this story is named for baby George MUNDY who lived for 11 days after being born in Long Grove Hospital and subsequently was buried in Horton Cemetery, the story is mainly about his mother Ada MUNDY (nee Popel) alias Moslin. George Mundy was born on the 12th February 1909 in Long… read more »


b. 1884 – d. 1910 John is something of a mystery. His first mention in the records is at aged 20, with no family connections. Indeed, he was the only person with this surname in the entire record collections [available today]. The full story of John’s life will probably never be known but from the… read more »


b.1878 – d.1917 Alfred Kearney was born in 1878, his birth was registered in the March Q in Camberwell registration district. His mother’s maiden name was WEBB, which I discovered through the Passport Office GRO site. 1880s The 1881 Census shows his family living with his widowed grandmother Mary Webb, a laundress, at 54 Stanton… read more »