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    Borough of Epsom and Ewell’s
     Michael Arthur
     David Smith
     Jean Smith 
     Michael Staples
     Jean Steer
     Keith Mann
     Robert Lewis
    Member of Parliament
     Chris Grayling
     Revd. David Fox Branch
     Janice Baker
    Polish Institute
      Dr Andrzej Suchcitz

Manor Asylum

EVANS nee JACOB(S), Ida Ellen

b. 1876 – d. 1913 1870s Ida Ellen Jacobs birth was registered in the 1st Quarter of 1876 in the Registration District of Oundle. Her actual birthplace was the village of Woodnewton, Northamptonshire. 1880s 1881. The census at Woodnewton shows Ida living at an unspecified address in the village with her parents and siblings. She… read more »

KILMINSTER, George Thomas

b. 1860 – d. 1915 Intro Died 19/4/1915 and buried Horton Estate Cemetery. Age at death 54 suggestive of birth about 1861. There is no record of the birth of a child with this name but it appears George’s birth name was wrongly recorded as George Thomas KILLMASTER.  In fact, during the research it has… read more »

FRESTON nee EDWARDS, Catherine Louisa

b. 1829 – d. 1914 Intro Catherine Louisa Edward’s precise date of birth is not known but she was baptised on the 24th August 1829 in Stroud, Gloucestershire. It is likely her birth year was also 1829. Her parents were George Edwards and Sarah Sophia. 1840s On the 16th May 1848 Catherine Louisa Edwards married… read more »


b. 1848 – d. 1909 1840s Martha Sarah Agatha Waters was baptised at St Mary’s Church, Ewell on the 26th March 1848. She was the daughter of Thomas Waters, a carrier, and his wife Elizabeth. 1850s The 1851 census showed the family living in Green Man Street in Ewell (now the High Street). Thomas was… read more »

MEAD nee GROVER, Daisy

b. 1878 – d. 1914 Intro Daisy was living in the Manor Asylum when she died. She was said to be 35 years of age at death on the 12th October 1914. She was buried in the Horton Estate Cemetery on the 16/10/1914. If this age of 35 is correct this would make her birth… read more »

BOWDREY nee CORK, Agnes Bessy

b.1844-d.1914 Agnes Bessie Corke was born in the 4th Quarter of 1844 in the Registration District of Camberwell, London, although her actual birth place was probably Peckham. The parents of Agnes were Matthew Corke and Ann Garland Corke nee Lee. They had married in Melcombe Regis, Dorset in 1839. Matthew had been born in Seal… read more »

WILSON, Eleanor Lydia Kate

b.1865-d.1914 Eleanor Emily Lydia Kate Maule (AKA Eleanor Lydia Kate Wilson) Story Version number = 2 Eleanor Emily Lydia Kate Maule was born on the 11th October 1865 at Westminster, London. She was the daughter of William and Susan Maule. Eleanor was baptised at St Mary’s, Tothill Fields on the 5th November 1865. (Tothill Field… read more »