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    Borough of Epsom and Ewell’s
     Michael Arthur
     David Smith
     Jean Smith 
     Michael Staples
     Jean Steer
     Keith Mann
     Robert Lewis
    Member of Parliament
     Chris Grayling
     Revd. David Fox Branch
     Janice Baker
    Polish Institute
      Dr Andrzej Suchcitz

Ewell Epileptic Colony

Epsom Cluster #3

Now known as St. Ebba’s hospital


Samuel’s birth was registered in the 1st Q Croydon District in 1867, but most likely he was actually born in 1866 although we have no baptism to be certain of the exact date. He was born in Merton, Surrey one of only two children born to Samuel and Sarah Tidyman nee. Cook. Samuel snr was… read more »

DODD, George

b.1855 – d.1913 Intro The original life story of George story is written by Sylvia Bromiley, which ended on George entering the Colony. Since publishing, a further detailed study of George at the Colony was found. The part of the story that details Ewell Epileptic Colony has been written by Sheila Cumming, who researched George… read more »

CASSAN, John Sheffield

b. 1893 – d.1916 Full name: John Matthew (Aaron?) Sheffield Cassan. 1890s John was born on 6th November 1893 in the registration district of Elham, Kent. He was the second of five children born to Matthew Sheffield Cassan (1852-1910) and his wife Alice Mary nee Field (1868-1947.) Alice was born in Brixton, Surrey. Matthew and… read more »

YEO, Marian Elizabeth

b.1860 – d.1912 Introduction Born Marian Evelina Ridout on 11th May 1860, Marian was baptised on 10th June of that year at St Mary’s Church, Soho, Westminster.  Her parents were Thomas Ridout (1829-1885) and his wife Elizabeth nee. Hambleton (1834- 1890) they married on 7th Aug 1859 and together had seven children including Marian.  Family… read more »

WILSON, Frederick Leon

b.1892 – d.1911 Intro Frederick was born on 4th May 1892 at 30, St Albans Street, Lambeth. He was the sixth of fifteen (1911c) children born to William John Arthur Wilson and Georgina Elizabeth Cullen and was baptised on 26th June 1892 at St Mary’s Church, Lambeth, his Father William is shown as a Policeman…. read more »


b.1864 – d.1918 Intro The majority of this story has been written by Sheila Cumming, who researched Ada for an article on the early patients of the Ewell Epileptic Colony as part of the Horton Chapel project. This is used with permission of the Horton Chapel Arts & Heritage Society. Early life has been added… read more »

MARHAM, Adeline Miriam

b.1887-d.1915 Adeline Miriam Marham was born on the 19th of August 1887 in the Union Workhouse, Docking Norfolk. She was born to an unmarried 22-year-old mother named Harriet, a domestic worker from the neighbouring village of South Creake. Adeline was not Harriet’s first child, she had a son a few years earlier named Robert. Life… read more »